10 things to do in Zhangjiagang
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Geling MountainNearby City

Geling Mountain

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"8:45 to Hangzhou East Railway Station. Alipay shows the "Hangzhou Health Code" to exit. Take Line 1 to Fengqi Road, 3 yuan. 9:20 Exit, along the children lane - Longyou Road - Beishan Street - broken bridge, opposite the stairs on the precious mountains, watched the Baoyan Tower continue to move forward, climbed the West Lake of the peak view, passed the Geling, 11:45 through Baopu Road Yard tickets 5 yuan did not enter. 13 o'clock in Qixialing Road down the mountain to Beishan Street. If the baby does not give up, you can go to Wushifeng. The climbing process is not spent a penny. The stone of the picture 6-8 is not the necessary way, you can't choose. After hearing me about the story of Pengfei, the baby wants to see the Temple of the King of Peng, and temporarily bought a ticket for 25+12.5. At 14:30, sit at 117 opposite the road to Hu Xueyan's former residence (Alibao Sweeping Code). The early baby slept all the way. The onion bag of 5 yuan for the snacks opposite the station was not good. This is to tell the baby about Peng Fei Qinhuai. At 15:30, I went to the Fanglao Noodle Restaurant to see 20 people in line and gave up. Go to the next Xinfeng snack to eat a bowl of thousands of fans is really good, I am too hungry. Then go to the South Song Yu Street and buy a garlic powder drink 34, Wushan ribs 16.8, fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried fried Finally take the No. 1 to Ding'an Road East Station to catch the train at 19 o'clock."
Huihang Ancient RoadNearby City

Huihang Ancient Road

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"Ancient Trail"
Ranked No. 1 in Jixi Local History
Open from 8:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Starting from Shanghai, I thought about it for four years. I checked various strategies before leaving, and I have been hesitating about the plan. ① From Jixi to Zhejiang or from Zhejiang to Jixi ② Self-driving or by train and bus ③ One day or one night. After four years, I didn't expect to be a one-man driver. So we must resolve to overcome all difficulties. Due to self-driving, I finally decided to start from Jixi to return to Jixi car plan, only to walk first, after knowing how to cross. Conclusion and Feeling: ① Try to avoid rainy days, but on cloudy days, there are fog and rain in the mountains, you should wear waterproof clothes. ② The scenery is pleasant but not stunning. The main harvest is still "going". It is not difficult for healthy people to travel. There are 1400 steps to the "Jiangnan First Pass" at the entrance. There is an uphill road from the snow hall to the blue sky concave. The other roads are flat. Just pay attention to the uniform speed. Don't be tired. ③ Although there was a record, I didn't stay at the end. It took a total of 9 hours to walk to Blue Sky concave (the best view of Huihang Ancient Road), 8:30-17:30, every classic rest stop on the road has been rested, returned to the station, sports software 40,000 steps, the journey is more than 28 kilometers. ④ In order to achieve the goal of one day back and forth, you stay at the Gudaokou before you travel, book 2 nights, and return to the resident dinner rest. ⑤ The first pass of Jiangnan, which left, returns to the Xiaoyao Valley, the Xiaoyao Valley scenery is the most beautiful in the whole journey, can not be missed. ⑥ There are villages in the ancient road with a lot of fun, and the workday is almost unoperated. Going on the workday, there are almost no tourists in the ancient road, and the experience of loneliness is very good."