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Things To Do in Aomori

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精光葫芦娃China’s Qinglong Temple is not the only one in Xi’an, Shaanxi. There are also Qinglong Temples in other provinces and cities. Qinglong Temple is located on Leyouyuan in the north of Tielumiao Village in the southeastern suburb of Xi'an. Speaking of "Leyouyuan", everyone may chant Li Shangyin's words: "If you feel unwell to the night, drive to the ancient land." The prestigious Qinglong Temple is located here, about 3 kilometers away from the city. Qinglong Temple is the ancestral garden of Shingon Sect of Japanese Buddhism. The temple was founded in the second year of Emperor Wen's Emperor Yang Jian of the Sui Dynasty (662 AD), and was named the Inspiration Temple. In the second year of Tang Ruizong Jingyun (711 AD), it was officially called Qinglong Temple.
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Art Museum
M18***13A lovely building. The current exhibition was beautifully displayed. Quiet and peaceful for a break from the maddening crowd.
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Modern Architecture
乐吃购The Nebuta House is an iconic building in Aomori. It looks like an eye-catching red house. At night, it feels like watching the Lantern Festival exhibition. The display in the museum is a variety of beautiful hand-made lighting decorations and they are very large ones, very beautiful. And the whole interior is all illuminated by the lights of these Nebuta floats, which makes it even more eye-catching.
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D29***94Bought JR pass on this trip. i traveled 19places in one week. Took hayabusa to Aomori, it was snowing heavily. love the powder snow feeling. Had local food and went local girls club. Too enjoy.
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Historical Site
正义的力量Sanuchi Maruyama ruins near the museum 縄文时代の家づくり, there is a very obvious smell of ancient houses when you get in. ​​​This afternoon, this piece of green grass and the ancient village ruins so far away gives me a wonderful feeling! !
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Other Places of Worship
狮子国女王Zenchito Shrine-it is the largest shrine in Aomori. The Japanese worship crows very much. They call crows "sacred beasts". I don't know if this is related to crows. Is Zenchito is a crow? We don't understand their gods. Watch the excitement and take pictures of the scenery, it's pretty good.