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Things To Do in Dazhou

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洋芋梦游世界🚗 Bashan Grand Canyon is located in Xuanhan County, Dazhou, with two lines to play. One is a tour route up the mountain to the top of the compass. Some of the routes can be driven by oneself or take a sightseeing bus. The other is to Taoxi Valley, a full sightseeing bus, there is a rafting point on the road, suitable for summer. -🌞 We chose to drive up the mountain by ourselves. All the way is rural and it is suitable for meditation. Some roads are full of flowers and take pictures. There are many farmhouses and country lodgings on the road, which is very suitable for a leisure tour on the 2nd day. -💥 The scenic area is a bit big, it can't be finished in a day. We only went to the place where the glass bridge was being repaired, and then up the mountain road more than 18 bends, autumn can see the color forest.
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达川区梅琳达Bataishan tour is much better than expected. The air and scenery on the mountain are good, the hotels and restaurants under the mountain are good, and there are bamboo dances and chicken catching contests. In the evening, I stay in the cultural town under the mountain. It feels like a night city. The only regret is that I can't go to the top of the mountain with my baby tomorrow morning. Sunrise, unfortunately prepared tent, last play item bill.
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mrmao6668you can't miss this mountain if you come to Dazhou. Local have deep respect for it and it's a must to visit it.
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Geological Sites
滇国剑客It's a bit of a mystery, but really the scenery is really good. The whole scenic spot is in a natural state, it's this state of no one's "disturbing", which makes the original ecology of the scenery very well protected.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The world of Heming Lake Hot Spring Water is a place of pleasure with the theme of hot spring water, and the hot spring water in this place has special health care function, for skin disease has special therapeutic effect.
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M47***09It's so fun. It's a summer resort. When it's hot, you invite your friends and family to come and drift. I don't know how those who say that drifting is not exciting think. The characteristic of people is leisure drift. It is mainly a water fight. You must come when there are many people. Although you don't know each other, but It's fun to play with, but no friends come and try.

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Dazhou Phoenix MountainDazhou,China

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Wufeng Mountain National ParkDazhou,China

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Longtan River Scenic AreaDazhou,China

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Qinghe Ancient TownDazhou,China

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Haiming Lake Hot Spring Water WorldDazhou,China

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Guanyin Mountain Forest ParkDazhou,China

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Dazhou Travel Tips

About Dazhou

Dazhou is situated in the east of Sichuan province. The county was established over 1900 years ago in the Eastern Han dynasty. The area is rich in natural resources and produces a large number of agricultural crops including ramie, citron daylily, olives and Chinese mahogany. Major attractions include Batai Mountain, Longtan River, Congren Valley, Bashan Gorge, bronze age ruins that were once home to the Ba people, and the ancient town of Dangqu.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dazhou
26 Oct, 2021 Dazhou Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 94%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:00/18:07
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