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大姐小露開心果Watkins Valley, NY ( Millennium Valley) is a fairly small and beautiful state park with three trails open from mid-May to early November we follow the canyon trail up to the stream with over 800 steps and stone bridges to work, Crossing the waterfall can also be caused by the waterfall behind it through the shallow riverbed. Visitors can marvel at the special geological rock walls on both sides. The cut-like size of the waterfall or the fine flow or the waterfall catharsis. The tunnels hovering over the various stone bridges with different flavors are not photographic attractions ~
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山茶叶蛋糕Watkins-Glen State Park (Watkins Glen State Park) is also called Watkins Canyon, a deep canyon, the rocks on both sides are layered, forming a beautiful streamlined canyon, the entire canyon is also quite vegetation The dense, humid air is very good.
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CHONGFUCorning Glass Center is located in Corning. Regardless of its small size, it is the center of the American glass industry. The status of Corning's glass and porcelain in the United States is the same as the status of Jingdezhen porcelain in China. They are also well-known in the world.
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D93***07The Finger Lakes are composed of more than a dozen finger-shaped lakes, so they are called Finger Lakes. There are New York State Park, Cornell University, Ivy League University, and Corning Corporation. This is also a wine producing area.
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e21***17Ithaca High School, located on the banks of Cayuga Lake, was founded in the mid-19th century. It was originally a two-year preparatory school for Cornell University students and later changed to a public high school. American public schools implement compulsory education. Students only need to prepare a schoolbag, and the rest are free. If the family is in difficulties, even lunch is provided for free. The four-year study in high school, like university, is divided into compulsory and elective courses, and a credit system. The school’s facilities and equipment are similar. Students can use indoor facilities free of charge, while outdoor tennis and football fields can be used by residents for free. Students are also under great pressure to study and have a lot of homework. To enter a prestigious school, they must work hard and arrange to volunteer once a week. In short, whether you are born rich or poor, you have the basic guarantee of receiving compulsory education. It is a nail, there is always a chance to come up!
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塔熊Ithaca Falls should be a group of waterfalls in the canyon. The most downstream is called Ithaca Falls, which has the largest water volume. There are four waterfalls from the upper reaches to the lower reaches. The second waterfall cannot be approached, only one Watching from the pedestrian suspension bridge, there is a trail for the second waterfall. Go down and find it at the top of the waterfall, which is actually invisible. There are canyons and waterfalls in a large campus, and there is only Cornell in the world.