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Things To Do in Ningshan

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Joanna_1125Follow the navigation, cross Guanghuo Street and soon get to the scenery along the way. There are more than two hours from Xi'an. You can't take the high speed road. After arriving, change the ticket. Wait for 2:30 to enter. Change the life jacket and helmet. Wait for the fur. There are two boats and six people boat. The child and the elderly have to take six people. There are special people rowing. Safe and trustworthy, the trip is short. Two people will flow from the starting point to eight meters and the total length is eight kilometers. It's too exciting. The slippers party pays attention to that they will really lose their shoes. No shoes are really not good. Stone road is awkward. We didn't rent pulp and water gun. We also have fun and have fun. With porridge and stainless steel basin, hahahahahaha, wait for the bus to pull back to the starting point at the end of the trip. There is no charge for a person to go to the parking lot within a week. Tips: Be sure to bring a change of clothes from inside to outside. You can wear a raincoat without any use. You need to do well in sun protection! There are also too many people in the week to encounter the sun and it's too sunny! The car key is tied with a plastic bag to avoid entering the water! The mobile phone waterproof bag must also be brought!
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扶疏子The Alpine Wetland Scenic Spot of Qinling Youran Mountain covers an area of 135 square kilometers. It is the original ecological alpine wetland tourist attractions such as wild begonia and wetland tamarisk developed by Shaanxi Yinda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
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E36***53The selling point is ghost valley, other general, and the attractions are also in two parts. I bought a big ticket and I can only visit Taoist Temple. The scenic spot at the top also has to buy a ticket. The price is average, many attractions in Qinling are better than this.
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我有小坦克Worth going, you can also go at noon. Although it is hot outside, the inside of the mountain is very cool. If you are on a road, you can take a local private car if you are in tight time. 20 people, one way up/down the mountain, 2 hours of photo taking is enough. If you don't contact to walk up and walk down, the scenery on one road is the same. If there are many people driving by themselves, it is possible to drive others up and then go down to the car can also achieve the effect of saving money, of course the local tycoon ignored.
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Nature Reserve
费德勒尔韦晏几道Beautiful scenery. The mountains and waters are beautiful. It is a good place to summer. Book online for 45 yuan. If you don't want to climb the mountain, you can take the scenic sightseeing car for 10 yuan to and from. But you still have to walk to the scenic spot for 2 giant pandas and 3 golden monkeys. I was lucky to see it, be aware that it is too hot at noon and they go for a lunch break, not necessarily able to see it.
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M54***36The scenery in the many parks in Qinling Mountains within 2 hours of driving in Xi'an is very good. Tickets are more than 43 yuan, scenic battery cars return 30 round trips, and ropeways return 80 round trips. After climbing the ropeway, you will reach the alpine meadow for more than 2 hours, and you will encounter a lot of small squirrels along the way. Flowers, grasses and springs. It's like climbing a park. The alpine meadow is not as big as you think, but it's beautiful, with yellow, purple, white, blue flowers and weeds covering your knees. I have to climb another two hours to get to the top of the ice crystal, but I really don't have that physical strength, I gave up. Pave a picnic mat in the meadow to eat, drink and sleep, it is also very comfortable. It is very suitable for summer to enjoy the scenery. However, ultraviolet rays are still very strong, don't forget to wear sunscreen!