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M36***22The natural scenery of the scenic spot is very good, very suitable for holiday play, it is recommended, is a good place to summer, winter shelter, you can come here directly ...
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扶疏子Shangbahe National Forest Park is located in the hinterland of the southern piedmont of the middle section of the Qinling Mountains, northeast of the county seat of Ningshan County, 148 kilometers away from the provincial capital Xi'an, 2 hours drive; 193 kilometers away from Hanzhong, 2.5 hours drive; 190 kilometers away from Ankang, 2.2 hours drive. The park covers an area of 201 square kilometers, with a north-south ring line of 118 kilometers and a forest coverage rate of 98%. It is the most typical biodiversity area in central and western China.
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Joanna_1125Follow the navigation, cross Guanghuo Street and soon get to the scenery along the way. There are more than two hours from Xi'an. You can't take the high speed road. After arriving, change the ticket. Wait for 2:30 to enter. Change the life jacket and helmet. Wait for the fur. There are two boats and six people boat. The child and the elderly have to take six people. There are special people rowing. Safe and trustworthy, the trip is short. Two people will flow from the starting point to eight meters and the total length is eight kilometers. It's too exciting. The slippers party pays attention to that they will really lose their shoes. No shoes are really not good. Stone road is awkward. We didn't rent pulp and water gun. We also have fun and have fun. With porridge and stainless steel basin, hahahahahaha, wait for the bus to pull back to the starting point at the end of the trip. There is no charge for a person to go to the parking lot within a week. Tips: Be sure to bring a change of clothes from inside to outside. You can wear a raincoat without any use. You need to do well in sun protection! There are also too many people in the week to encounter the sun and it's too sunny! The car key is tied with a plastic bag to avoid entering the water! The mobile phone waterproof bag must also be brought!
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于建兵Canglong Gorge is located in Ankang Ningshan and belongs to one of the scenic spots of Tongche Bay. Although this gorge is not very well-known, it is very suitable for summer vacations to walk the baby on the weekend. The gorge is accompanied by spring water, the spring water is ding-dong, the trees are shaded, and there are many small fishes in the creek, which children love very much. The canyon is long but not tired, and the difficulty is suitable for children. There are benches to rest on the road. It takes about an hour to reach the top of the mountain, and then down the mountain from another road. There is no visual fatigue on the road. You can see the mountains in the distance and watch the flowers and plants at your feet. The mood is very beautiful.
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M11***61Not a weekend, not many people, but spend more than 100 yuan to play for so long, it is worth it, the boat master is very good, this uncle points a praise! Unfortunately, no mobile phone, no photos! It is recommended that everyone wear shorts and sandals when going, women are best not to wear high heels, but you can also buy disposable! Not expensive! Acceptable!
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扶疏子Primitive forests, glacier relics, alpine meadows, and canyon caves are the main features of the Tianhua Mountain National Forest Park landscape, especially the obvious climate and vertical forest distribution zones. The average temperature in July is only 17.5℃, and the highest temperature generally does not exceed 30℃. It is a good place for sightseeing, summer vacation, and leisure.

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Mount Youran Alpine Wetlands Scenic Area, Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi ProvinceAnkang,China

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Qinling Canyon DriftAnkang,China

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23 Oct, 2021 Ningshan Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 90%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:57/18:05
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