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605 Reviews
M22***83A day trip with reasonable itinerary, thoughtful guide service, high cost performance, especially the hanging plank, preferring the best option to climb the mountain. The ice cave is beautiful and beautiful. Awesome, have the opportunity to come again.
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Geological Sites
方知行Wannian ice cave, Ningwu County, Shanxi Province, 120 yuan ticket, parking fee 10 yuan, up scenic area car 5 yuan, veterans' preferential certificate can be used, see the southern karst cave landscape and see the ice cave is very good, nature made, millions of years of achievements, put more clothes before entering the cave, Luya Mountain is also very beautiful in autumn. The leaves are yellow, and the autumn color is full. Personally, it's a second time.
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翼儿爱自由The village of hanging, the original name of Wanghuagou village, because the village is hanging over the ground more than 100 meters high on the cliffs. Looking far away, the village, built by the mountain, the wooden plank around the village is completely over the cliff, with a piece of wood support. The villager could walk up the road, which was a stone-paved path, and then walk into the village, where they could walk on the net, where the red-hanging log-plank path was hung. Near dusk, the villagers were probably holding dinner at home, and only two old people and a dog were seen sitting in front of the door. The hill winds and smokes lightly, and the small village hidden halfway up the mountain is more quaint and quiet
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Historical Site
chenweiwenArchaeological experts believe that the Shimen Hanging Coffin is the only cliff burial group found in northern China so far, which is of great archaeological research value. The suspended burial methods of Shimen suspended coffins can be roughly divided into cave, suspended, suspended pile, and plank road. The cave type is to place a coffin in a natural or artificial stone cave at the height of the cliff; the hanging type is to hang the coffin with an iron chain at the height of the cliff; the hanging pile type is to dig a hole in the cliff and insert wooden piles flatly , Put the coffin on the wooden pile; the plank road style is to drill holes in the middle of the cliff to pave a mini plank road, and put the coffin on the plank road.
44 Reviews
多梅讷刘邦The scenery is pleasant, the plant variety is rich, there are small bridges, waterfalls, suitable for play. Going up and down the mountain takes a different route, there are a few small steep. It is that the bathroom facilities in the scenic area are poor, and the hygiene should be better.
39 Reviews
Ancient Trail
晚霞风车The hanging plank road is located in the Luya Mountain Scenic Area, and the stone steps up the mountain are called more than one. The plank roads are basically holes, bending, squatting, hard work, but fun. I just don't understand how the ancients used such ancient plank roads for military purposes. I walked down the mountain for almost an hour, without a sign, no one, thinking that I was lost in the mountains

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Million-year Ice Cave National GeoparkXinzhou,China

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Guancenshan National Forest ParkXinzhou,China

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Luya MountainXinzhou,China

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19 Oct, 2021 Ningwu Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 77%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:44/17:48
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