Qi County
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Historical Architecture
annaIt's still nice to come here to learn about the history of Qiao Zhiyong, a representative of Jin merchants, and to visit the large house of the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can buy a guided tour ticket at the ticket office for 120 yuan, there will be a full-time guide to take you all the way, or rent a 20 yuan audio guide to tour yourself. The tour guide led the tour, do not go back, the whole journey will take about two hours, and go directly out of the scenic spot. So if you want to take a photo or something, let the tour guide stop and wait.
216 Reviews
Water Park
贰宝宝The overall feeling is OK, mainly indoor sunscreen. There are too many people coming to play, so the health environment is barely strong, but not too dirty. Compared with the Pangquangou Water Park in the neighboring county, there are not many rides (four or five), and the opening time is too much, too few times, such as the big trumpet, the daytime open twice, every time for 1 hour, it is difficult to play. The artificial wave is only twice in the afternoon, less than 30 minutes each time, too many times is in the water bubble, sit on the beach. The garden is expensive to spend, a sausage 5 yuan. If it is not to bring children to play, the ticket for 168 (online) is not very worth it, I don't feel very hi.
27 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
s j j s y 20210115I lived in Baoji on the first day of this trip. Baoji ancient said Chencang and Tongcheng, and was known as the “hometown of Yan Emperor and the town of bronzeware.” It has Famen Temple, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Guanshan Grassland, China Shiguyuan (Baoji Bronze Museum), Tongtianhe National Forest Park, and the following three major parks. Qianhu National Wetland Park and other famous attractions and West Feng wine, Lushan hazelnut noodles, Baoji noodles, bean flower bubble porridge, Xifu noodles, vinegar powder and other specialty or Xifu snacks. Low-key Baoji gave me too much surprise. After leaving Baoji, the itinerary is Baoji-Qi-Qixian Old Street-Qujia Courtyard-Jinzhong Caojia Courtyard-Shijiazhuang. [View] I like [interest] culture [price/performance] free tickets
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Art District
徐霞客之旅The Red Sea Glass Garden is close to the famous Qiao Family Courtyard. The red lanterns of the ancient house just now were full of eyes, and the style of painting was instantly transformed into a flash of light everywhere. The Red Sea Glass Garden is clean and tidy, full of modern flavor, this is a An industrial tourist attraction integrating "trade, industry and tourism" that combines traditional glass manufacturing with glass culture and industrial tourism. There are glass art museums, glass experience stations, glass art galleries, etc. in the park.
13 Reviews
Film Studio
徐徐霞客RrDanfeng Pavilion, a pavilion built in the early Qing Dynasty in the style of Daiyan County. It has been more than 340 years of history. The pavilion after burning, only the remains of the card tablet written by Fushan, existing in the Qiao family compound, Fushan number has been recorded in the Shanxi Museum.
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Historical Site
_We***62Seen different, seems fairy air, tourist situation.

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Qi County Travel Tips

About Qi County

Jixian is located in the central part of Shanxi Province, south of the Taiyuan Basin, on the east bank of the Fen River. Its history can be traced back to the Neolithic era. People lived on this land in Jixian as early as 5,000 years ago. It is a national-level historical and cultural city. The Qiao Family Compound has become a famous attraction and was the place where the film Raise the Red Lantern and the TV series Qiao's Grand Courtyard were filmed.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Qi County
18 Oct, 2021 Qi County Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 62%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:41/17:51
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