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Things To Do in Rugao

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钱旋勒Water painting garden, the national AAAA class tourist attraction, was built in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, located in the northeast corner of Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, is the representative of the garden architecture in the south of the Chinese Yangtze River, among the many famous gardens in China, a outstanding outstanding outstanding, is a bright pearl on the Jianghai plain.
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099***75At the end of the year, the tojo temple, which was built by sadaiji, was demolished as a normal school, and the kenin was afraid that the temple building was occupied, and the prime minister, imperial Prince Kei, asked the empress dowager Jikei to write the empress dowager's name, and the empress dowager was named Keijo. At that time, the temple was ordered to preserve, and the name of the empress dowager was changed to joe Ji Temple to avoid the empress dowager's father's name. Until the "cultural revolution" of 1966, Dinghui Temple basically maintained the appearance since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, during the ten years of the Cultural Revolution, the temple's collection of cultural relics were destroyed, monks were driven out of the temple, all the Buddha statues were destroyed, and the temple buildings were severely damaged.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M61***71If you haven’t been to the afternoon before, let’s go for a stroll. Tickets for the Oriental Big Life Park are 50 yuan. There are a few tourists, not many people, the weather is nice, the blue sky and white clouds, the tall bronze statue of Big Life Star, Wanshou Baisui Bowl, Baisui Bridge , Hezi Bay, Tai Chi gossip map turntable, who wants to beat three times in the morning and evening drums, pay another 10 yuan, Fu Lu Shou Xi Cai Wu Fu Palace and other scenic spots, longevity and longevity culture, I wish family and friends all safety, health and longevity!
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世界美食游走达人Visited the Li Changyu Criminal Investigation Technology Museum and received patriotic education. The rich collections in the museum and the introduction of various criminal investigation techniques made everyone deeply feel Dr. Li's strong patriotism. (Very good) ​[Deeply touched]
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_We***25This water park is not. Most of the facilities seems to be in good condition
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vv在路上vvFor the combined ticket of Ligu Town and Lihu Wetland bought on, it costs 90 yuan. You go to Ligu Town first. After picking up the ticket there, you can go to the Lihu Wetland and directly brush the ticket into. Wetland park area is very large, walk more than 10,000 steps, take a boat in and out, every half hour, 17 o'clock the last boat, free travel friends must grasp the time. We went in the 32-degree weather, I thought there would be a lot of green shade inside, in fact, there are a lot of hikes in the hot sun, of course, you can also choose to take a boat tour after entering the central scenic spot. I don't know if there is a sightseeing battery car. I only met a few staff on the way to the exit. The bottle car rushes out. Overall the views are still good and worth the trip.