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Things To Do in Nantong

2,404 Reviews
老王1954Going to Qidong Hengda Venice, blue sky and white clouds, blue sea sands, working days, the feeling of less people contracting the beach is still very good, giving a sense of comfort. Especially the small villa, and the food street, the artificial filtered sea is not very dirty, the sand is very thin, the children project is very rich
3,962 Reviews
095***93A 100-meter-high hill is a famous scenic spot in Nantong. There is a cableway on the mountain, it takes five minutes, 50 yuan a way, and 60 yuan for round trip. It is ok for ordinary people to walk. Along the way there are heroes and martyrs tombs, the most famous is King Luo Bin, a goose is how many children's enlightenment poem. To the top can look out over the Yangtze River, feel the river winds to the top, in the heat wave in the summer.
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_We***25This water park is not. Most of the facilities seems to be in good condition
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D55***78the trails that run besides the canals are a beautiful and relaxing treat especialy at night when the lights are turned on !
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_We***05it's small but it was a beautiful visit. the place is clean and the visit is affordable. There's a big mall nearby to have something to eat after.
849 Reviews
秦商911Going to Golden Beach on the weekend, there were no people on the road, and it was only found in the park that there were people. The park is free, but it takes 20 to make a tour bus round trip ticket (Gaode has a coupon), and the park to the beach is 1.5 kilometers. It's very hot and most of you take the bus. When we arrived at the beach, we found that there were an estimated 1.5 kilometers from the shore to the sea, and half of the roads were mud roads (very, very easy to slip), and the park organized a oxcart (should be charged) to and from the ship. The sea is very muddy, thousands of people are digging shells, at first I just dug, and then found the trick, the children dig very happy. In the evening, the park will have the administrator call to inform the shore, and again pass the mud road, the water faucets on the shore can be used very little (step down, several cases, several toilets), are crowded, the water is very small. When I go back, there are not many traffic cars, hundreds of people waiting in line to go back. Overall very interesting, and very happy. The downside is that the beach is dirty and litter everywhere (because there is no charge). There are too few traffic cars and too few water sources for bathing. It is recommended not to swim, dig shells. Many people are foreigner, all say play very happy, but also play once, too tired.