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Things To Do in Samcheok-si

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M11***99It is said that this is the closest train to the coastline in the world. It should be very famous. The scenery near the seaside is also good. I feel that the Pacific Ocean here is much bluer and there is no pollution. The train line is not long, it is a sightseeing line, it seems there is only one or two in a day. You can go out by speedboat in the nearby waters. Fees are charged. The station is also well built. It is very artistic and has a small and fresh route.
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馨馨宁宁The mountain paths of the Magic Caves are difficult to walk, there are some railings and handrails in those difficult places to hike, otherwise only trees or rocks support you, preferably hiking shoes, walking sticks, the cave is a huge stalactite cave, just wonderful, It was originally thought to be left by a local immortal.
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Historical Architecture
紫色的毛衣Zhuxi Tower, the architectural style here is very distinctive, I especially like it here, it makes people feel particularly comfortable, the environment here is still good, the air is particularly fresh, and there are many tourists here.
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City | ​​landmark
菩提彼岸Jeongdongjin Railway Station, the seaside sightseeing train, the whole journey takes 40 minutes. It is currently the closest train to the seaside in the world; a little bit closer is the bicycle track, and the sea view and experience are first-class. The settings of each car are different. The seats in the first and second cars are facing the sea, and there are small boxes; the third car has a bar, and the family car. The Korean drama "Hourglass" was filmed here, and now there are "props" such as pine trees and sculptures on site.
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游友攻略2014You can see the candlestick-shaped rocks in the East China Sea, large and small rock islands and beautiful white sand beaches. Every year from December 31st to January 1st, the sunrise celebration and some supporting activities are held here together with Wangxiang Beach to enjoy the joy of welcoming the sun.
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coo***anI have been to several caves and most of them have been much more interesting than this one. If you in area then it is not bad idea to visit. Please mind there are numerous stairs which need to be climbed both before entering the cave and in the cave itself.