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Things To Do in Sendai

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City | ​​landmark
M41***63[Scenic] It still looks very good, it really feels very good, it really is a good look, super good, like it very much.
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小思文Tohoku University is also a small famous school in Japan, Sendai University Town is not a large area, this university has many years of history old buildings, many things can be seen, the structure of the university is quite good, visit.
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小思文Sendai Ruifeng Temple is also a very historical scale building, the whole structure of the hall is very special, there are a lot of ancient styles here, there is also interesting to visit, these facilities are also a good thing.
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小思文The Bread Superman Museum is also a lovely cartoon character of Japanese cartoons. The Bread Superman has a round face and is very likable. There are a lot of artworks on the subject of Bread Superman in the museum. Oh, very good.
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小思文Sendai City Museum is also a quite large building, the museum contains a lot of historical content, is also a very interesting building, you can visit here in the morning, the tourists are not many, some content is also very interesting Oh, good.
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Art Museum
小思文The Miyagi Art Museum is also a very simple place. The art works of the art museum are very rich. You can also see a lot of nice little things in this art museum. The art and art works here are very good. Oh.