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M57***38In the summer, the children play with the water. The river wind is very cool, the stream is very clear, and they can climb the mountain along the stream. The parking lot is next to the ticket office. You need to park the car on the side of the river and take the ferry to get there, but the waiting time is not long. Very fun
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Water Park
M33***82[interest] Big horn! Swivel slide, four color slide, a ticket to play, great fun! Stimulation, leisure, relaxing can be achieved! [Cost-effective] Play so many items for one ticket, and you don't have to queue when we go, there are local-level snacks in it, play until dark, cool! [Scenic] All around is the mountains, full of natural oxygen, playing water in the forest ~ extremely healing and relaxing, eating a farm dish at night
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精灵背包游侠Six Zu Temple is the most important part of the scenic spot, back to the Lushan Fengshui treasure, Buddhism atmosphere is very good. Because the bus 1 hour, the Guo still walk 3 kilometers, the middle of the storm and rain fortunately there are farmers can avoid.
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精灵背包游侠The wind and rain made a great visit to the six ancestors ―― the six ancestors show the wind and rain. Hao Hao has come to visit the six ancestors for the third time, because the six ancestors temple is the newest and most valuable attractions in recent years, and it is free! Although it is antique, it is also imitated by the ancient charm.
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Hot Springs Resort
恒古至今I drove there by myself, the environment is good, quiet, convenient, there are holiday villas, the water is heated, the changing rooms are all, but there are no tissues, friends who go there should bring their own, the pool is not big but enough for the four of us, it is said that we have a cold Hot springs will be good
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精灵背包游侠An ancient temple with vicissitudes of life, quiet and few people. The local citrus festival also happened to be held, but I couldn’t find any small and sweet authentic sugar oranges all over the street. Those counterfeit varieties occupied the market. Sad! Because the authentic price is more expensive and the market is not good, it is not as profitable as the cheap counterfeit. Later, I went to Deng Village in the suburbs to visit the ancient papermaking workshops (free of charge, scattered everywhere).

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Sihui Mountain Water Amusement ParkZhaoqing,China

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Qishi RiverZhaoqing,China

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Green Sea Ecological ParkZhaoqing,China

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Baolin TempleZhaoqing,China

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Liuzu (Six Ancestors) TempleZhaoqing,China

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Sihui Travel Tips

About Sihui

Sihui City is located on the lower part of the Sui River, a tributary of the Pearl River, in western Guangdong. The area is called Sihui (“four meetings”) because four separate rivers combine within its boundaries. The Zhenshan Scenic Area, originally called Guangzhenshan, is located in the western part of Sihui. The name was changed to Zhenshan (“Purity Mountain”) because, according to legend, a chaste woman surnamed Wen became a divinity here. Zhenshan offers beautiful scenery throughout the year during every season and is a great spot for a vacation. Sihui also has ancient sites like the Liuzu Temple and the Baolin Ancient Temple (宝林古寺).

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Sihui Weather

20 Oct, 2021
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21 Oct, 2021
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22 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Sihui
20 Oct, 2021 Sihui Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 62%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:28/18:00
Sihui Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low