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Things To Do in Weinan

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_We***41Uma das 5 Montanhas Sagradas Taoistas da China! A grande montanha ocidental: Huashan! 🇨🇳⛰One of the Five Great Mountains of Taoism in China! The great west mountain: Huashan 🇨🇳⛰What an amazing experience! What an energy, what an air! #Huashan #MontanhaHuashan #HuashanMountain #华山 #MontanhaSagrada #GreatMountain
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Cable Car
金公主的妈Huashan Xifeng, too beautiful, Xifeng cableway is awesome, there is a cableway just has clouds, directly in the cloud, that feeling, really not general. Because it is too beautiful, the old man at home did not come, specially made a video phone, let her feel the magnificent Huashan together. With the children, I can't finish it all, Dongfeng, Beifeng did not go, keep the next challenge
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E11***35Great to be here with Splendid view all around. Suggest to take cable car up to the north, stay one night at the west, then strolling down to the mountain foot. Don't worry about this as hot food is available along the track with average quality. Of course, you should pay more in those mountains.
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到处是美景It was the first time I visited, and I heard it was good, so I thought I'd take advantage of the holidays to take my kids and relax and study nervously. Overall, the tour is still satisfactory, the scenery is very beautiful, especially the glass path is more thrilling and exciting, the lack of beauty is that the waiting time for the ropeway is too long, enough to queue for nearly two hours, I hope that the scenic spot can increase the ropeway car to reduce the queue time for tourists.
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姜如意Located in a quiet mountain village on the west bank of the Yellow River, it is famous abroad for extracurricular activities organized by Japanese university students' associations. It is now a national important cultural relic protection, and also a famous ancient town attraction in China.
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Memorial Temple
loverskySi Ma Qian Ling is located in Zhichuan Town, Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province, adjacent to the Yellow River, more than 100 kilometers from Xi'an. The tomb of Guo was built in 310 AD, more than 1700 years ago. The whole temple towers on the Longting Temple, east of the Yellow River, west of Liangshan, south of Hanyu, north of Zhishui, is a pilgrimage worship, history, leisure and sightseeing in one of the tourist resorts. Worth a visit, Sima chasing the wind, high mountain up