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Things To Do in Yokohama

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_GG***85yiu can enjoy many types of chinese foods by just walking one street, which is nice!There are a lot of restaurant which menu is “you can eat meals as much as you want for free time” and the average price is around 1700yen, very reasonable.i recommend you to eat in restaurant because other shops serving foods which you can eat and walk at the same time is expensive.
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vivienvivienYokohama Yakage Island is an artificial island located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The area of Yakage Island is about 24 hectares (24 ha). Yokohama Yakage Island Sealand is an amusement park built on Yakage Island. Located at the end of Yokohama Bay, it is a new amusement park and one of Japan's best aquariums.
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ElleCThe Ferris wheel in the amusement park is well worth a ride and quite romantic in the evening. other rides look fun too but very quiet even though we went on Friday night. the malls near the area have good restaurant selections.
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City Park
D29***85Such a nice place to walk around. especially the night view was one of the best in Japan. perfect choice if you are looking for a place for picnic.
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Jennifer GraceyOne does not come to Japan and not have Japanese ramen. A visit to the Ramen Museum then, makes a fitting way to educate oneself about the humble bowl of piping hot ramen. This is a place Tokyoites often take visiting out of town family and friends.
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Historical Architecture
_GG***85I went here for christmas market and it was great!!i could enjoy atmosphere of xmas very much, with delicious food.there are a lot of events here and i think you can enjoy them!