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Things To Do in Zhuoni

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City | ​​landmark
滇国剑客This is a small county in the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which is not economically developed, but it is this "backwardness" that keeps the place a rare tourist land, the scenery is like that.
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13611302253The Temple of Gongba, also known as the Wanshou Temple, was built in 1885, by Gonggajianzan, a villager of Chebagou Shikuang, who fought against the Russians and fought hard for the Great Qing Dynasty in Xinjiang. After the Potala Palace asked the Dalai Lama to dengatso in the 12th century, he showed that he had built Dingkezakang (Shilun College) in the other place. Later, the other zacang was gradually established, the seclusion monasteries merged into the inside, and Dingko zacang was given the name of "Deqin Qulin" on the basis of gradually expanding the unification of other zacang into a large-scale Tibetan Buddhist temple. Soon after, the temple was dedicated to the temple by the temple, and it became one of the 108 temples belonging to the temple. Before the rebellion of 1958, the monastery was the largest in the Gannan region after the Labrang Temple, but was destroyed by the anti-feudal struggle of 1958 and the decade after 1969 of the "cultural revolution". The reconstruction was approved on 1985 10 15, and it is now the second largest Buddhist temple in the Tibet area of Gannan after the Labrador temple.
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顺时针1986Dayugou Forest Park is located in Muer Township, Zhuoni County, 30 kilometers away from the county seat. It is a national 4A-level scenic spot. I have seen a lot of forest parks, but it is amazing here. It can be said that this is Zhuoni’s travel card and one of the top ten scenic spots in Gannan. Unfortunately, because we have to hurry to Qibu Beach, we are only here due to time. Looked around. There are big differences in the vertical distribution of organisms in Dayu Scenic Area, with bare rock above the snow line of Dieshan, followed by alpine pastures, virgin forests, low mountain grasses, shrubs, and crops. The reason why it became a national forest park is that it is located in the hinterland of the Taohe forest area. The ridges of the ditch are stacked with high mountains, the tops of the flat and round mountains, and the gaps between the cliffs are all covered by wild trees. Going in is the virgin forest that is inaccessible. The blessed natural landscape and heavy historical dust have made this a Shambhala left in the world. The tourism resources of Dayugou are dominated by streams, lakes, canyons, mountains, wetlands, and virgin forests. It is known as "Jiuzhaigou in the south and Dayugou in the north". Dayugou has a total of 9 branch ditches, green hills dripping with green, flowing water is rhyming, and Zhuoni is surrounded by pure natural secrets.
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Ancient Villages
滇国剑客Nibah is an old village, perfectly maintained, with little damage, but with minor changes based on the maintenance of the original appearance, the original pattern has not changed much.
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子龙糖糖Dayangou Forest Ecotourism Zone is located in Dayangou, Muer Township, Zhuoni County, Gansu Province, 30 kilometers away from the county seat, with a total area of 105214.6 hectares. Dayangou springs flow vertically and horizontally, and are collected into the Dayan River, which is rich in all seasons. The river is zigzag, clear and sweet, 81 kilometers long, the river basin is full of fish, elk drinking, it is really interesting, natural day
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滇国剑客The Cdd Mountain is a close-up photography technique to see the mountain, in addition to the beautiful flowers, there are many wild fruits to eat inside to pick, for visitors to charge!

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Dayu National Forest ParkGannan,China

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