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About Kobe

Located in Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe has prospered as an international trading port. This means it has been influenced by many exotic foreign cultures over the years. It has long been known for its unique multicultural streets. If you find this kind of western style to your taste, you should come to Motomachi and the Kobe Kitano Museum to see the old foreign style houses. However, Kobe is most famous for Kobe beef. Almost everyone who comes to Kobe has to try the best steak in the world. Kobe also has beautiful scenic spots like Mount Rokkō and the Arima Onsen. Prosperous since ancient times, it exudes antique Japanese atmosphere and is a popular tourist city.

Popular Attractions in Kobe

Arima Onsen
381 Reviews
Hot Spring
Located in Arimacho in the north district of Kobe, Hyogo, Arima Hot Spring is a relatively ancient hot spring in the Kansai area. It is famous for being one of the best hot springs in Japan, with a history dating back thousands of years. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, visitors are drawn to the cherry blossoms in the spring and maple trees in the autumn. Coupled with convenient transport links and a tranquil environment, it proves to be a popular place amongst tourists.
Kitano ijinkangai
333 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Kitano ijinkangai is an area of buildings within northern Kobe, overlooking the harbor. Because most of the buildings were constructed during the Meiji period, the design carries a Western feel and is sometimes referred to as the "town of western-style residencies."
Mount Rokko
219 Reviews
To the north of Kobe City sits the green and vibrant Mount Rokko. The view changes throughout the four seasons, creating picture perfect scenes for visitors. It is also part of Setonaikai National Park. The top of Mount Rokko is a spacious plateau with a golf course, an observatory, a botanical garden, a pasture, a forest, and many other entertainment options. At night, visitors can see the "Million Dollar Night View" of Kobe City and its harbor.
Port of Kobe
451 Reviews
The Port of Kobe, situated on the northwest side of Osaka Bay, is one of the world's most important container ports. The area has been home to a large number of foreigners ever since the Meiji period, and it exudes an exotic charm. Today it is a popular tourist destination in the city of Kobe, where many local residents and tourists from all over the world come to relax, eat, and shop. Kobe Port Tower and the Mosaic Ferris Wheel are iconic landmarks in the port.

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Trip Moments

Shirley Zhu   
Sea Bus goes out to sea, Kobe Fantasy moment
afternoon we have to take the Kobe Sea Bus CRUISING CAFE Fantasy cruise, almost no mention of the Kobe has this entertainment project, but it is very popular in Japan. This trip took a lot of cable car ropeway, land tram railway, and then a boat, sea and land will be alive! Suyi, who was on the sea, didn't sit very much. She heard that she was looking forward to taking the boat.
Sea Bus Fantasy's ticket counter is located on the first floor of KAMOMERIA TERMINAL. You can get cruise information at the counter. You can book tickets in advance for more than 15 people, or you can buy tickets at the small seaside counter opposite KAMOMERIA TERMINAL, which is faster!
The boat also has a very meaningful kid program, which is a special captain experience for elementary school students. You can experience a series of nautical-related projects in a special navy suit. There are not many places, every Saturday and Sunday. There are two classes of boats on holiday that can accept appointments in order. Unfortunately, the age of Suyi has not yet arrived, and it is only possible to experience the mission of the captain "singing out and sailing" before boarding the ship.
The boat interior is small, the first floor is the ordinary seating area, and the second floor is the Cruising Cafe on board; obviously most passengers prefer to sit in the cafe all the time. Order a drink, or a little snack, and look at the market style of Kobe's style from the sea.
After leaving the port, we deliberately blew the sea breeze on the outdoor deck. The Kobe Port Lighthouse, the Mosaic Ferris Wheel, the American Park, the Kobe Bridge, and the Kobe Airport are all overlooked in front of you. They are slowly approaching and slowly moving away. The beauty of the port city of Kobe is perfect. Close your eyes. In the distance, the sky is clear, the sea breeze is in front of you, and the rhythm of time seems to be slowing down. 45 minutes is a valuable time for a trip.
Cruise route, depart from Kobe Port, turn to the U-shaped bridge at the Airport Link Bridge, and return to Kobe Port for about 45 minutes.
sailing time: 10
Posted: 18 Oct 2019
Shirley Zhu   
There are high-altitude plants
Rokko Alpine Botanical Gardens that you have not seen before. It is not far from the Music Box Museum and can be walked from the museum. Due to the high altitude of the Liujia Mountain, the annual average temperature is 9 degrees. Different from the ordinary botanical gardens, it has a more alpine climate, so it cultivates alpine plants around the world and about 1,500 plants growing in the cold. In addition to cherry blossoms and red leaves, you can also see the flowers of each season.
Although we don't know anything about the alpine plants in the Kansai region, we met many local plant photography enthusiasts when we were in the garden. I opened my tripod and eagerly searched for the shooting angle. I think the plants here should be Very precious.
Summer, there is no large-scale blooming flower in the garden, so it is more green with different shades. This does not affect our interest in the garden. I can't help but take a few deep breaths and wash my eyes. Although not far from the city, but the high content of negative oxygen ions here, people have the illusion of escape from the downtown.
The botanical garden is not big, there is almost no martyrdom. Along the trails, you can enjoy most of the scenery in the park. You can see the wild side of the botanical garden, and at the same time be convinced by the elaborate garden design. Without too much deliberate decoration, visitors can enjoy the alpine plants in an extremely close to nature, easily encounter the alpine plants of the Alps and enjoy the beauty of the alpine botanical gardens.
[Alpine Botanical Gardens tips]
Opening time: mid-March - late November, September public holiday
business hours: 10
Posted: 18 Oct 2019
Shirley Zhu   
Doing your own music box
music box museum is a point that you have been particularly fond of before. The appearance of the European fairy tale cabin is full of artistic atmosphere, which is very suitable for taking children to feel. The music box in the current music box museum is full of starry sky projection devices. The beautiful notes of the performance are matched with the vast stars, which is more intuitive to attract children's interest.
Although I can't understand the Japanese of the staff, but the constellation that looks up at the top of the head keeps changing, we are also enjoying the world under the stars and immersed in the world of music boxes.
The performance is over and you can visit it freely in the pavilion. There are about 80 kinds of European and American ancient music boxes, as well as a variety of precious collections. In addition, one of the special features of this museum is the interactive experience, which allows visitors to have more sense of participation and integration during the visit. For example, the simple music box on the second floor presents a sound tube with a small hole in front of your eyes. You can turn the handle yourself and watch the sound tube scroll. A wonderful piece of music is played through your hand. Simple operation, let you know more about the sound principle of the music box, great design!
After watching the show, families with children are especially recommended to participate in the music box making experience here. You need to choose your favorite music box shape and songs in advance, and then the teacher is responsible for explaining the instructions. The experiencer needs to fix the key components of the music box into the music box. Don't look at this simple fixed work, it directly determines the tone of the music box. The key is the distance between the wheel and the paddle with the score. Too tight will not turn, too loose will be distorted, and you will lose your voice.
Some steps that don't require too precise and careful, let the child try it, so the child will be more involved. Parents and children can happily cooperate to complete a task, and can also enhance parent-child relationship. The final product can be taken home, the world's most unique music box get!
[Music Box Museum Tips]
Tickets: Adults (12+) 1
Posted: 18 Oct 2019
Shirley Zhu   
There is a horse ropeway in Liujia, and the fun-filled parent-child tour experience project
just the Taigeo soup KIRARI hotel can send guests to the horse-riding road. It is very convenient to take this super-long cableway to go directly to Rokko Mountain. We took the first ropeway of the day to go to Liujia Mountain, and there were very few tourists, just to make the rhythm of playing in the upper reaches of the mountain as calm as possible. The ropeway itself is comparable to an attraction, very long, and should be the longest ropeway ever to sit! It takes 12 minutes from Arima Onsen to the top of Rokko to be enough for Suyi's cableway cableway to control the addiction.
The interior of the cableway is very large, and the curious children are here to see, there is a lot of excitement. The time on the cable car was long and short, and it climbed over one hill after another. The representative green of the summer continued to recede in the field of vision. And the propaganda poster on the autumn ropeway will cross the colorful maple forest, it should be the most beautiful moment here.
The characteristics of this ropeway remind me of our Yangtze River cableway, but one crosses the river and one jumps to the mountains and rivers. They are all unique vehicles, but they are much lower-key than the net red of the Yangtze River Cableway. Apart from the fact that we only have one local Japanese family, the ride experience is great. However, when the fog is not scattered in the morning, the cable car rides through the thick fog, and it really feels like a fairy, very wonderful! The other end of the
ropeway is the top of the top of the Rokko station. There is a scenic shuttle bus for the Rokko Mountain. You can go to your planned destination by getting on the bus, and the connection is very smooth.
earliest class 9
Posted: 18 Oct 2019
Shirley Zhu   
The first eye-catching Ama Hot Springs town
was amazing from the bus, so I went out of the hotel before dinner and strolled around the spa town. If it is not the weather is not strong, when it is cloudy and rainy, we can go deeper and further. The more I feel that Japan is the most charming and most attractive to me, it is a place with a historical atmosphere. For the most impressive impression of the town of Arima Hot Springs, stay in the original Japanese-style buildings, people who wear yukata shopping, and various snack bars with orange lights on the street.
The spa town is centered on the Taige Pavilion, and the small streets and alleys are scattered around. The most eye-catching of these is the orange-red "Ningning Bridge", and there is a statue of "Ningning" standing next to it. Ningning is the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It was once the first time in the history of Hideyoshi. Weiye, both of them are very fond of Ama Hot Springs. It can be said that Arima Onsen is definitely the hottest and most romantic hot spring in Japan. Under the bridge, there is a rushing horse, there are staggered steps and riverbeds on both sides, and there are small and unknown celebrations at night. There is no shortage of fireworks in the clean, how to look at the imaginary hot spring town. Something like that.
After dusk, the street lights begin to burn, and the tourists who live in the hotel bathe, put on yukata kimonos, walk in the narrow hot spring street, bathe in the rich Japanese traditional style.
Posted: 18 Oct 2019
Shirley Zhu   
KIRARI stayed, and one of Japan's three hot springs, Ima Hot Springs
, heard the name of Taige's soup before I went to Kobe. Taige's soup is very large, not comparable to ordinary hot spring hotels; similar to the domestic bliss soup, it has 26 kinds of baths and rock baths, and there are also some of the most special gold and silver soups in Ma Hot Springs. There is also a comprehensive dining and entertainment facility that can be used for bathing alone or for a stay. The guest bath is free and there is a dedicated elevator to the spa area. In short, it is very suitable for a family to come on vacation.
The attitude of the front desk is particularly special, and we have explained the many precautions for staying at the hotel. After picking up the bathrobe next to the elevator, you can enter the room!
The room is a standard Japanese-style room, and the feeling of the wind is coming, it is a big surprise at the beginning of the trip! I don't mention much good things about taking pictures. There is a separate balcony area, as well as a wet and dry separation area. Full-featured and modern, the quality of the facilities in the room is nothing to say. Every night, the staff will come over and help make the bed. The first time I found out that the Japanese tatami is so popular! The
hotel's breakfast buffet is also very rich, the ingredients are very fresh; the restaurant area has tatami seats, there are normal seats, very user-friendly.
The big show is naturally a hot spring! This is the oldest hot spring in the Kansai region of Japan, and the Gero hot springs and Kusatsu Onsen are also known as the three famous springs in Japan. Ama Onsen is said to be quite popular with Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He has not only come here several times, but also rebuilt the hot springs and is committed to holding a tea party, which has made the horse prosper. Living in KIRARI, it is natural to experience the hot springs here. In-house guests can go to the soup of Taige and enjoy the exclusive hot springs. The style of the hot spring area is also Japanese traditional courtyard style, a bit like the world in the movie "Spirited Away".
Many people ask for the presence of Jinquan and Yinquan in the hall before booking a stay at Ama Hot Spring. This is the two kinds of hot springs that are most worthy of experience in the horse: Jinquan contains a lot of iron ingredients, the color is brownish brown, it is quite effective in treating neuralgia; Yinquan is colorless and transparent, contains carbonated springs and radioactive springs, for chronic digestive diseases, Chronic constipation and gout have a certain effect. Both hot springs experience it and it feels like the whole person has been cured. The lotion prepared in the guest spa area, the lotion is POLA.
In addition to the Jinquan and Yinquan features of the Ma Hot Springs, hot springs such as carbonated hot springs and vanilla hot springs can also be enjoyed here. In addition, steam baths and saunas, rock bath equipment are also available here! You can feel so many kinds of hot springs at a time, and you have a great value for money.
Posted: 18 Oct 2019
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