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Weishan LakeNearby City

Weishan Lake

3.6/5255 Reviews
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Ranked #2 in Weishan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Weishan Lake does not charge tickets. This season the lotus has faded, and there are sporadic water lilies blooming. Even if the lotus does not reflect the sun, the lotus leaves are infinitely green. If you visit the lake, there are cruise ships and speedboats. You can order food and eat directly on the cruise ship, but I think this should be very shaky. We took the speedboat directly, starting at 200, visiting the water street at 400, and at Weishan Island at 600. The speedboat is really fast. The Weishan Lake is very large. If you want to pick some lotus leaves, the driver will help you to stop and pick the lotus leaves at any time. The most indispensable thing here is lotus. If you take a speedboat, it is recommended that children wear masks, the wind is too big! Riding the wind and waves all the way, we arrived at Shuijie, where different people lived differently. The people here lived on the water for generations, forming an alternative landscape. There is a supermarket on the boat, a place to eat, a village committee, and a school. It’s just like a small village on the water. There are parallel sellers of crabs and water chestnuts in the water street. They rely on water to eat water and mountains to eat. This is life. I left Water Street and returned to the place of departure, and then drove to Shicun for dinner. This is the place where I waited for the Pengcheng Evening News. Although it belongs to the same water area, it takes a long detour to reach Shicun. I chose a restaurant and was hosting a wedding banquet, so we ate some of the wedding banquet dishes, and the price was fairly affordable. After dinner, I went to climb the opposite mountain. It has the charm of Zhuquan Village. In time, this area can also become a good attraction. Come on, Weishan Lake!"