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About Ningbo

Ningbo was once a prosperous port city. You can go to the old Ningbo Bund to see a view of Sanjiang by night, with a combination of various Chinese and Western architectural styles on the riverbanks and the feeling of stepping into an older time. In Tianyi Pavilion you'll find one of the great collections of books in China. It has garnered its reputation over the centuries and is a must-see place when visiting Ningbo. There are various kinds of books, manuscripts, and documents on the wooden bookshelves. The town of the Jiang clan is not only famous as the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek, but also has a beautiful natural landscape. It is located in the vicinity of Huadou Mountain's many waterfalls near the beautiful Tingxia Lake. There are many fine delicacies in Ningbo. At the Chenghuang Temple snack market or Tianyi Plaza you can try Ningbo dumplings and cuisine, or you can go to Baisha Market or Baisha Wharf to have seafood at the open-air stalls.

Popular Attractions in Ningbo

Romon U-Park
7,297 Reviews
Amusement Park
Romon U-Park is a 200,000 square meters large scale amusement park located in the south of Ningbo, China. By its size, it can be consiered as one of the largest urban indoor theme parks in the world. It consists of a 57.4m high indoor park, and an outdoor park "Legends Island". There are six different theme zones in the park: Romantic Avenue, Fantasy Dream, Mystery Land, Adventure Challenge, Festival Plaza and The Island of Legends. In all, there are over 30 attractions, 30 specialty restaurants and 20 specialty shops.
Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage
4,663 Reviews
Theme Park
Ningbo Fangtawild Oriental Heritage is located on the south bank of the cross-sea bridge in Hangzhou Bay New District of Ningbo. It is a large scale high-tech theme park that incorporates ancient chinese myths and cultural connotations into its rides. "Nuwa Mends the Heavens", "The Love of the Thousand Ages", "The Great Wall Love Story", "The Spirit of the Soul", and "The Tower of the Gods" are examples of such initiatives. The 4D visual feast, and grand performances will give you your money's worth.
Xikou Scenic Area
4,620 Reviews
Xikou Scenic Area has a thousand years of history and was the hometown of Warlord Era leader Chiang Kai-Shek. The location naturally imparts a feeling of mystery, and it really is an otherworldly paradise with the little town set alongside the wide brook and nestled against Xuedou Mountain, which is famous for its streams and waterfalls. Xuedou is one of China’s famous Buddhist mountains, and its Xuedou Temple was a “ten direction Zen monastery” during the Tang dynasty. It is acknowledged among Buddhists as the bodhimanda (place of enlightenment) of the bodhisattva Maitreya.
Tianyi Pavilion Museum
4,543 Reviews
Tianyi Pavilion Museum is located on the west bank of Moon Lake in Ningbo and is one of the oldest private libraries still in existence. The museum’s architecture tends towards the Jiangnan garden style. The museum was built within the Stele Forest in Mingzhou, where hundreds of stone monuments record the educational attainments of ancient officials. The Painting and Calligraphy Hall occasionally displays several historical masterpieces and exceptional works by renowned scholars. The museum is also home to the Mahjong Gallery, where you can learn about the origins and development of Mahjong.

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Trip Moments

Yuehu Park is beautifully landscaped. It is quiet and elegant, with green trees and plenty of shade. The park is perfectly suited if you want to find a retreat and so a bit of self-cultivation. There are many pavilions in the park, which embody the essence of Chinese architecture: carved beams and painted buildings with heavy roofs. The atmosphere is solemn and magnificent. Due to the time, we only visited the lake in the northern half of the park. This half was enough for us to admire.  Yuehu Park is located in the center of Ningbo, and is easy to get to by various forms of transportation. It is also close to several attractions such as the secretarial guardian, Buddhist monk Lin, Guandi Temple, etc., which can be visited together.  According to reports, the Yuehu Lake was excavated in the Tang Dynasty. After more than a thousand years of expansion, it has now formed a large scale of Yuehu and Zhouzhou. In addition, there are three embankments and seven bridges at the lake, adding a lot of charm to the park. Since the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Yuehu Lake has been the academic center of Zhedong. Many scholars and literati have gathered here to write books and leave indelible mar
Posted: 16 Dec, 2018
Posted: 13 Dec, 2018
Museums are a way for people to understand the culture of a place. It is a part of urban culture to keep museums. For tourists, the place to start exploring a new city is the museum. The Ningbo Museum has unique architectural shape, and the building is tilted and beautiful. It is the first Chinese national winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. It is made in the Wang Hao Design and is the most typical representative of Wang Shu’s “New Localism” architectural style. On the outer wall, a large number of old bricks removed from the old buildings in Ningbo were used to form a “corrugated wall”. At the same time, bamboo pieces with Jiangnan characteristics were used to make concrete walls for decoration. The whole design integrates Ningbo's regional cultural characteristics, traditional architectural elements and modern architectural forms and techniques, forming a unique Ningbo Museum.
Posted: 3 Dec, 2018
Dongqian Lake is also a place where locals love to come to during autumn. The Yinxing Avenue of Dongqian Lake is in the west side of the Hanling area of the 71 provincial road Qianhu Water Park. It may be very crowded in October, especially like late autumn, in the season of maple leaves turning yellow. One of the favorite things to do is to step on the thick leaves and feel the sound of the leaves and texture on the feet. It is a special healing sound. The shoreline of Dongqian Lake is a good place for weekends. The heart of the lake is often alone in the oasis. It is a beautiful feeling.
Posted: 2 Dec, 2018
Jade snail, the meat is particularly tender and delicious, the head is quite big, the white meat feels very clean, the food is also safe, the gravy is full, the fresh sea is very tender, the spicy is also very tasty abalone fried rice, understanding boss Seeing that we are all a group of young children, we also specially added some abalone to us, so that each of us can taste more, the fried is really fragrant, the oil will not put too much, very healthy, delicious. No reduction, the rice is fried into golden yellow, with the fragrant abalone, the seafood fried rice is divided by the people on the table, there is no rice big shrimp, do not taste the taste of the coastal city, do not know the gap Where, the taste of the dead shrimps in the inland provinces and the newly salvaged live shrimps is a world of difference. It is too admirable to make the shrimps feel like a puff, and the praise of this store is also worthy of the reputation cream crab Hey, I found that there are a lot of dishes in Ningbo, the soup can be served, the yellow of the crab is a lot, all in the shell on the back, the cream of the crab is not dry, very fragrant, like an egg-like fragrance. I remembered that when I was young, I was afraid of eating crabs for the first time. My dad to let me taste crab, crab said it was in the egg yolk, very nutritious burst recommended! The seeds are unbeatable in taste and taste! It is the most memorable dish! I think about it now, I want to eat a few more. The spicy taste of the sauce is not too hot. It is very good to mention the taste. It is so delicious. It is difficult to describe it in words. All the words are pale in front of this plate. of! The boss is very good, give us a special price after dinner, welcome us to come to Ningbo to eat seafood, the reception of such a warm heart in the foreign land is very touched, plus the day just ended the national competition, feeling comfortable, all night Very pleasant
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