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Yuen Long District,Recommendations
I’ve been reading complaints on Tai Tong Organic Ecopark. Many thought it’s expensive, charging for parking space, environment is unpleasant and rides not available. Well, let me share how my kids and a couple of their friends, spent more than 4 hours at the park with $300 (for 2 adults and 4 kids). Our kids are happy to see the animals (ostrich, emu, pigs, peafowls, goats, turkeys) and feeding the fishes (mostly koi fish, occasionally the black swan) at the pond. We didn’t spend any $$ on feeding the fish / black swan/ goats. Why? 1. Our kids pick up the pellets from the ground (where everyone else didn’t bother to pick them up after spilling it), they gather the food pellets and feed the fishes. 2. The pick the leaves from unwanted branches (those that’s sawed down and left aside) to feed the goats. You’d be surprise how much fish food they’ve picked and feed. They spent an hour or 2 picking and feeding. Although it’s harder to pick leaves for the goats, they’d satisfied to be able to pat the kid (fun fact, baby goat is called “kid”). The full set of adventurous rope climbing equipment is kid’s favourite too. Featuring climbing wall, walkways, scramble nets etc. It’s perfect for them to fully stretch and practice their coordination, balance and agility. Last but not least, we never miss the standard playground which is located right next to the pony ride. I do wonder why our kids never request for the pony ride though. They do notice the ride, I saw them standing and looking. But then, they turn around and walk away. They rather run around, climbing up and down, chasing each other or playing hide and seek, than queue for the pony ride. So, this 3-4 areas (fish, goat, rope climbing and playground) are all we went, for over 4 hours, each of us pay an entrance fees of $50. And grab a cab out for about $60(one way) . There’s parking space and cubicle toilets right at the entrance. For carpark, it’s $20/hour or $80/day. Pretty reasonable I would say. Chang
Hong Kong,Recommendations
Shing Mun Reservoir
Hiking from Tsuen Wan to Sha Tin Even though we enjoying having friends around, we always make times for just the four of us. And we love hiking as a family. It is a bonding experience and allow us to exercise together. Hiking motivates kids to be active and teaches them to appreciate the nature. Family hike is usually on a Sunday. We started at Tsuen Wan’s Shing Mun Country Park. Once arrived at the starting point, turn right and continue walking on paved road (watch out for cars), it’s anti-clockwise along the reservoir. Walk along Wilson-trail sec 7, the reservoir is on your left, until you reach a T point where your left is a bridge. Take the stairs on your right towards the paved road, then turn left to continue walking. You will be crossing a bridge, and it marks the beginning of a more challenging hike. From the bridge, it’s mostly slopes, all the way towards the other hills to Shatin. After the first slope at a junction, there the only cubicle toilets. I suggest to take a break. There’s a signboard, continue walking towards Needles Hill. We will be taking the Shing Mun Forrest Track - Needle Hill sections. Heads up ! It’s all slopes again 😂 Keep in mind you’re going to Needles Hill direction, until you reach the pavilion with the sign “To Sha Tin Town”. Take the path next to the sign board, all the way until you reach the stairs. There’s 2 route at this point, one to Fotan and the other one to Shatin. We take the stairs down to Shatin MTR station. * Distance: 10.4km * Duration: 4 hours * Difficulties: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (certain level of physical strength is required for going uphill) * Scenic: ⭐️⭐️ * Altitudes: 430m Chang
Hong Kong,Recommendations
Po Toi Island
Hong Kong’s South Pole - Po Toi Island Day trip to Po Toi with kids’ buddies. Even at outdoor, mask on face at all time (maybe not, for photo purposes). So, where is this Po Toi I’m talking about? Po Toi located at the most southern of Hong Kong, hence the nickname “HK South Pole “. It is popular for its rocks formations and seaweeds; and of course camping and hiking with incredible views. Took the only ferry on Tuesday at 10am from Aberdeen to Po Toi. It’s approximately 45mins ride. Then begins our walk by turning left once leaving the pier, and continue walking in clockwise direction. It’s a circular trail. So you’ll be covering Old Mansion of Family Mo, Coffin Rock then stop at Ngau Wu Teng (which is the highest point of Po Toi) for some snacks and tea break. Then continue walking, it’s going downhill towards second part of the circular trail, with rocks formations such as tortoise rock, monk rock, palm cliff and passing the 126 lighthouse. This area in the southernmost circular trail. It is also the shortest, and most popular camping site on Po Toi Island. * Distance: approx 5km * Altitudes: 188m * Time: approx 3 hours (breaks included) * Toilet: cubicle toilet at pier and beginning point of circular trail part 2 * Difficulties: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (plenty of stairs heading up and down with no shades for 2/3 of the trail) * Scenic: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ How to get there: - from Aberdeen : Tues & Thurs depart at 10am , 3.30pm from Po Toi ; Sat at 10am or 3pm, 2pm or 4pm returning from Po Toi via Stanley; Sun at 8.15am with 6pm returning via Stanley. - from Stanley : Sat at 1.20pm, 2pm or 4pm from Po Toi; public holiday have 4 time slots back and forth. Please refer to photo attached or visit x #hongkongmom #hongkongkids #outdoors #kidsactivities #hikingkids #hikinghk #islands #nature #mykids馬來港孩 #蒲台島 #親子 #戶外活動 #行山 #親子行山 #親子活動 #週末好去處 #山系小孩 #香港行山
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