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Luojing Water Conservation ForestNearby City

Luojing Water Conservation Forest

4.8/518 Reviews
Open from 10:00am-10:00pm (Local time)
"Luojing water conservation forest, located in the northeastern suburb of Shanghai Luojing town, beautiful rural tour recommended projects, high-spirited autumn, a special trip. Turn to Luoji Road, Qingxin intersection of the forest conservation front door. Longitudinal conservation forest Qingxin Road, will be the forest conservation into two. On the west side of the road, the small lake + the large lawn + the star camp. The most popular star camp, more than 10 bubble houses (star cabins) scattered in the dense jungle, the fall is intricate, crystal clear, clear and quiet (but unfortunately not in the state). On the east side of the road, called 1000 mu conservation forest. The river bank is crisscrossed, the white-flowered reeds sway with the wind; the deep stone paths are surrounded by green trees with abundant leaves; the towering Yuming Pavilion is a vast scenic spot with a view of ~ Greenwich Wizard. Yuming Pavilion, see five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, follow the flag and go, "invading the Japanese army Luojing burning to kill the dead compatriots monument." Pale yellow stone bell + dark stone tablet + eye-catching signs, records the history of the neon kid who made "Luo Jing Blood Case" here in August 1937, warning people not to forget the national shame, warning bells. The same plot, BD, GD maps labeled "Luojing water conservation forest", scenic gate building write "Baoshan Lake eco-agricultural tourism park", scenic guide map name "Qingxin Garden", scenic area has many "Haixing Village" logo, cloud, fog, really do not know who is who. Oz Wonderful Simple Edition, experience outdoors and easy; walk past not to miss, special trip to think. Tip: Luojing water conservation forest, located on the north side of Luoji Road, the nearest bus station takes 30 minutes, it is recommended to drive."