In the golden autumn, the Kanas region of Northern Xinjiang transforms into a fairy-tale world

In the golden autumn, the Kanas region of Northern Xinjiang transforms into a fairy-tale world. As dusk falls upon the human world, the mountains and rivers have already embraced autumn. The autumn in Kanas is unbelievably beautiful. Golden birch forests, emerald lakes, and quaint villages resemble a richly colored oil painting, dazzling and layered. If you missed the summer in Yili, Xinjiang, then you definitely cannot miss the autumn in Kanas, Xinjiang!! From September to October, during the peak of autumn in Xinjiang, you can catch the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holidays, making it the perfect time for a small autumn-viewing tour into the fairy-tale world. Autumn Viewing Time Early to Mid-September: Some leaves start to turn yellow, and the Kanas scenic area becomes colorful. Mid to Late September: Most leaves have changed color, marking the best time to enjoy the intoxicating autumn hues of Northern Xinjiang. During the National Day: This year is a leap month, so snowfall may be delayed, and the yellow leaves might fall earlier. Tips: There will be more tourists during the holidays. If possible, it is recommended to avoid the peak week. Autumn Viewing Spots 1. Hemu Village Known as God's backyard, especially during sunrise with the cabins and morning mist, it is definitely a scene from a fairy tale. 2. Moon Bay The most beautiful spot in the Kanas scenic area, where the leaves turn golden yellow in autumn, paired with the emerald lake water, is absolutely stunning. 3. Guanyu Pavilion A place with a mysterious aura, where you can see the panoramic view of Kanas, a heavenly place. 4. Baihaba Village The least crowded village in the Kanas scenic area, from where you can see Kazakhstan. Autumn Fashion Guide September: Average 25°C October: Average 15°C Autumn Viewing Route D1: Urumqi - Colorful Beach - Burqin D2: Burqin - Jiadengyu - Hemu D3: Hemu - Kanas Lake - Stay in Jiadengyu D4: Jiadengyu - Burqin - Devil City D5: Devil City - Karamay - Urumqi Route Make up for the missed summer with the golden splendor of autumn.
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Posted: Apr 7, 2024
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