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After searching through thousands of mountains and rivers, one arrives at the dreamy heart of the lake—Qianshanji Lugu Lake Resort

Setting off from Lijiang by car, following the Jinsha River, crossing the layered hills, and after a four-hour drive, you reach the Qianshanji Lugu Lake Hotel. Qianshanji is located on the gentle slope of the southern shore of Lugu Lake, halfway up the mountain, with an excellent geographical location, open and quiet. There are forests and open grasslands around, a clear lake in front, and the secluded Gemu Goddess Mountain in the distance. The hotel also has a lakeside lawn where you can enjoy the scenery while having afternoon tea. When the weather is good, you can also camp, picnic, play football, or take a light hike in the surrounding forest. You can even run and play on the lawn with the small Border Collie butler—Shuangxi. Qianshanji has a total of 25 guest rooms, each facing Lugu Lake, with large solid wood windows that reflect the independent environment backed by mountains and facing the sea. Like a picture frame, it frames a landscape painting, and it's like the magical portraits of Hogwarts, with scenes that are flowing and changing. Intelligent toilets, splash-proof inclined washbasins, whole-house underfloor heating, bathtubs, Marshall speakers, Setalin record players, and so on. Equipped with Acqua di Parma's Blue Mediterranean Orange toiletries, a basket full of snacks, and a small refrigerator.
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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Qianshanji Hotel

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Near Lugu Lake|Lugu Lake Langfang Dock, Ninglang
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