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Instagram-Worthy Locations in Chengdu


Huanglongxi Happy Pastoral

6,137 Reviews
37km from downtown
Botanical Garden
"The park is large and suitable for children. Tickets include most projects, except for a few large game facilities, other outdoor projects, especially the Mengpeng District, a large piece, feeding giraffes, alpacas, goats, small incense pigs, rabbits, groundhogs, children play not too happy. Bottle feeding fish, small trains, bumper cars, performances, all kinds of play areas are free. One day is not enough, at least two or three days to play, the hotel includes two days of tickets and sightseeing tickets, it is still good."

Eastern Suburb Memory

611 Reviews
5.6km from downtown
Art District
"This place is really suitable for all kinds of people to play and experience, praise is very convenient, many subway and bus lines are directly accessible, very tasteful, parking is convenient, the traffic is very convenient, this is boastful"

Music Flowers Valley

467 Reviews
15.2km from downtown
City Park
"Going around the city, you can come to the weekend after the weekend, some animals will rob the food and ride horses, drifting parent-child paradise flower sea is spacious and does not squeeze prices are reasonable parent-child paradise recharge, but not retreat, but can continue to use next time"

Chengdu U37 Creative Warehouse

168 Reviews
3.4km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"U37 Creative warehouse was the warehouse and factory of Chengdu Medical Group before, and was later changed to Cultural Industrial Park. Most of the gardens are well-preserved 60,70,80 era buildings. Although U37 not as well known as the eastern suburban memory, it is hidden in the depth of the city well, and is still the location of the memory of Laochengdu. In Chengdu people have a lot of status."

Apartment for the Newly-Weds

113 Reviews
3km from downtown
Historical Architecture
"Suitable place for portrait photo~ Baidu map search tower can not find, according to Hongwasi Street No. 18 find it. Enter the community, the first corner turn left, then turn left to go inside, you can pay attention to the building number."


67 Reviews
6.1km from downtown
Art District
"The most peaceful happiness in the world is to watch the world and the world slowly taste its harmony, never thought of in the city in such a bamboo forest, the thin dense bamboo forest all the seasons evergreen, light and delicate, thin leaves, sparse festival, snow pressure, wind blowing, The most important thing is to hide the food, drink, and entertainment that is enjoyable! -🚌 West Village Day Tour Perfect Raiders 🚌. --* ❶ ᯓ. HYGEE LAB✖️ Xicun (Hulu Laboratory) |💛 From the beginning of entering the West Village gate, the large green bamboo forest printed into the eye makes people especially surprised, the leafy bamboo forest hidden in a wonderful tent cafe. This is also the store that has been pushed by friends recently, and this is the main goal of my visit. Although it was raining and windy when I came, the environment was more chic and elegant. A cup of American coffee ☕️ can make me stay here all afternoon. It's wonderful! ❗️Tips|Tent coffee after night, although the main meal, but more worth friends to drink in this cup! . --*❷ ᯓ. Piper Hot (Xicun Shop) 💛 After enjoying the limited afternoon tea under the bamboo forest, it is natural to comfort the five viscera and six porridge. Piper Hot is undoubtedly the best choice. It takes 1 minute to walk, the absolute advantage of the specialty of the dishes, and the service is first-class! Every small bowl of dishes that you want to eat, really can't choose, dessert snacks are more delicious, must recommend: pull huan muscle, bursting rabbit waist, brain flower, hot pot powder, hand shake hands, strawberry snow mountain milk ice ...... stop talking, I said myself hungry! ❗️Tips|Chengdu's old brand shop, completely free of thunder, casual! .-*❸ ᯓ. Xicun Art Space |💛 After full wine and food, the light rainy night is super suitable for the curved in Xicun Art Space. Here you can see the famous local football club and stadium brightly lit, you can also see the green green bamboo forest. The rain clouds in the distance and the intangible fresh air in the nearest place make people feel very comfortable! -🌇ᵀʰᵉ ˢᵉᵗᵗⁱⁿᵍ ˢᵘⁿ ʳᵉᵗᵘʳⁿˢ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵒᵘⁿᵗᵃⁱⁿ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵉᵃ. The sunset goes back to the mountains and seas. . The day of the West Village is not a complete strategy, the weekend has arrived, I look forward to this recommendation to bring you interesting references!"

Nonly Idea Factory

28 Reviews
3km from downtown
Art District
""Eat goods and the most in the literary and artistic niche gathering place" when it comes to the creative factory in Chengdu, which one would you think of? In the West 1st Ring, there is a hidden place to eat, drink and have fun using the old factory building. It was once a state-run Chengdu Sanjiang Clothing Shoe Factory, the last handmade Clothing Shoe Factory in Chengdu City. It originated in 1914. The shoes sold at that time were very high grade. It was basically worn by the upper class of society. Many leaders are his customers and once became national brands. Many Chengdu people's memories are carried here, and now activation has been transformed into Wuli Creative Factory. The place is very small, the factory has no iconic gate, just a tall building on the word "no inside", the sign is the wall "angry snail"! The creative factory is small, but it is a U-shaped factory, but it is decorated in a delicate design, full of nostalgic industrial wind. The door outside the strange shape of steel pipe, entrance passage walls, graffiti style is a bit strange. Entering the patio, a square, open courtyard, with the blue and red brick walls of the times, exposed yellow pipes, graffiti, and creative shops, it is quiet and comfortable. Now, this small, abandoned shoe factory, with its creative coat, has gathered a group of young people with special ideas, and slowly transformed the place into a creative park. Four squares of Wuli Creative Factory clearly mark the four main buildings of ABCD, and the name of each shop can almost tell the main business, covering all aspects of eating, drinking and having fun. Once the state-run Sanjiang Shoe Factory has now become a fashionable base, here, you can also become a literary youth; here, instantly pull you back to that factory years, memories can not erase the trace; here, you can go to these old generation sweat and youth place to find food; You say, this is not another feeling of Chengdu leisurely warm lifestyle?! Tourism tip: simple half an hour, serious about taking pictures 1-2 hours; if you want to explore, slow play, can stroll for a day. Daily-food shops, bars, restaurants and cafes can find their shape here, the flow of people, business atmosphere is not strong, like quiet friends can come to sit. Such as Chengdu's famous water bar bar rock park, five-star praise popular Western food Tongkou Echo, Nanyang cuisine is the main private restaurant, very stylish daily food shop color. Exquisite cuisine, the fashionable food bar co-existing with Leshan BBQ and cocktails is not bad, a pun-toned ale wine agency, Have a romantic store name of the baking experience store Meet You Dessert, beer auxiliary snack leisure bar WONDER HOUSE Everything House, very popular with health-seeking people like Viz energy salad, groups to diving zoos around the world, skilled in making cocktails in the store alcohol laboratory, The Dear Cake Dei, the rare Mexican restaurant MECAL, the ghost-themed Japanese barbecue octopus kitchen, and the creative florists, meat shops, tattoo shops, and more are hidden in this nostalgic little factory."

IBOX Creative Space

47 Reviews
3.1km from downtown
Art District
"iBox is located in the urban area of Chengdu, and you can see it from Niuwangmiao Subway Station on Line 2. It is a very eye-catching building with colorful containers in red and yellow. It is said that this place was originally built on the prototype of BOX-PARK, the most popular and artistic new landmark in London, England. There are dozens of containers and three floors, which can meet all your needs such as taking photos, shopping, eating, afternoon tea, etc. ~ A creative space built by 22 colorful containers, colorful and full of literary style, especially suitable for taking pictures The interior is divided into three functional areas: creative art workshops, public cultural exhibition halls, and urban fashion leisure areas. Rich cultural and creative products, independently designed well-known brands, experience centers, etc., are very rich and are all loved by literary youth"