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彪标Chishui Danxia Waterfall is in Lianghekou Town, Chishui City. The upper reaches of Fengxi River, a tributary of Chishui River. It is about 34 kilometers from Chishui City. The Great Waterfall is high 76.2 meters and 81 meters wide. It can be compared with Huangguoshu Great Waterfall. It is the first waterfall of Danxia in China and the first waterfall of Yangtze River Basin. It is the core scenic spot of Danxia landform of world natural heritage. Shizhangdong Waterfall is 76 meters high and 80 meters wide, which is the largest waterfall in Danxia landform in China, and the largest waterfall in the Yangtze River Basin in China. Nearby are the Zhongdong Falls, the Crane Dragon Falls, the Two Rivers Estuary Falls, the Chicken Feiya Falls, the Xiangxi Lake, the Stone Crane Peak, the Ganoderma Stone, the 100-acre Chahua Forest and the large azalea forest, the maple forest and other landscapes echo. The road in the scenic area is twisting and turning, the sun is shaded, there are waterfalls, Langqin Bay, fly Hongqiao, doubtless road, three temples, fairy stage, dark waterfalls and other attractions constitute a natural waterfall park. Round-trip tour itinerary is about 4.5 kilometers. It takes more than 3 hours to walk. The big waterfall is at the end of the scenic spot. There is time to hike along the water side path. The scenery is good. I don't want to walk too much. I can also take a sightseeing bus. Walking along the wooden path, there are small waterfalls everywhere. . Wear a hat or umbrella if you are hiking. There is often water falling over the path. Keep walking along the path and you will see the great waterfall.
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Geological Sites
彪标The Buddha Guangyan, known as the "World Danxia Crown", is arc-shaped, arc length is more than 1,000 meters, height is more than 300 meters. Buddha Guangyan was formed in Jurassic and Cretaceous times, like a red, wordless book written with life and blood on the eve of the extinction of dinosaurs, spread out in half a day of clouds. There is a column of 200 meters high in the center of the Buddha Guangyan, like a small white dragon flying in the red clouds, the whole journey of the elegant and handsome scenic area has a very good trail, is a pedestrian paradise. At the top of the scenic spot there is a five-posted peak, five with a strong finger on the foot of the mountain, like the Buddha Rulai's huge palm, as if in the world to pray for blessings.
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Ancient Settlement
雨中龙007The ancient town of Bing'an is located in Chishui, Guizhou. We drove from Chongqing to Chishui. Chishui is famous for the Red Army's four crossings of Chishui. The city is not big, the air is very fresh, and a Chishui river runs through the city. Bing'an Ancient Town is the ferry of the Red Army Sidu Chishui, is a famous historical and cultural city, this ancient town is not built by the mountain, you can see a few very old houses. The ancient town also has shops, but not particularly much, because it is a red base, every family has a red flag. Tour to Chishui, Bing'an Ancient Town is still worth a visit, it is best to drive by yourself, the scenery and air here are memorable.
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Geological Sites
彪标Red stone wild valley scenic spot is not very famous, in the official propaganda materials rarely mentioned here, it seems to be a private scenic spot. Red stone wild valley with red honeycomb-shaped Danxia wall-carved stone gallery as the characteristic landscape, the various strange and varied red stone, lush green bamboo forest, clear water, and ancient mysterious oysters, as if to bring people to the original age of the Juan. The scenic area is mainly composed of two parts: Danxia Musical Stone Carving Corridor and Guanyingou Primitive Ecological Waterfalls. Here is "Bamboo Sea of the vastness, the kingdom of the mysterious, the city of the thousand waterfalls of the charm, the world Danxia wonders, the sky-shaped mural stone carving", and the play spring water, the bamboo sea reflected the unique landscape of Danxia. Entering the scenic area must first visit Guanyin Valley, then can be to Danxia mural gallery. There is no scenic car, so you have to climb a lot of steps, a little physical effort.
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Nature Reserve
吴立珍China Jurassic Park is divided into three scenic sections, Gangou, Dashuigou, and Liangchahe. Dashuigou is dominated by Alsophila spinulosa, while the Gangou scenic area is dominated by waterfalls. The altitude difference in the scenic area is huge. Danxia cliffs stand sharply. There are dense streams of waterfalls, luxuriant plants and rich species. Stepping into it is like entering a primitive forest.
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Geological Sites
139***56There are many swallows by name, but the waterfall is like the tail of a swallow. There are many waterfalls in Chishui, which is located in the Chishui Great Falls and the beauty comb waterfall. There are Water Curtain Cave Waterfall, Moon Lake Waterfall, Frog Cliff Waterfall and Bailong Lake Waterfall in the four caves. Swallow Rock Scenic Area has Swallow Rock Falls and Liantai Falls. Each has its own characteristics, so that you see enough waterfalls!

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About Chishui

Chishui City is located in the northwestern part of Guizhou Province, in the middle and lower reaches of the Chishui River. It is named after the beautiful river, which runs through the whole territory. Chishui is China's Danxia World Natural Heritage Site. The main scenic spot in the area is the Chishui Waterfall. The waterfall cascades over a fiery red Danxia cliff and is very spectacular. Furthermore, there are scenic spots such as the Zhuhai National Forest Park, the Foguang Boulder Scenic Area and Historic Bi'An Town.

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