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Things To Do in Jurong

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Elaine-noiceIn the scenic area at the door of my home, the scenery is quite good. You can buy a ticket to go up and down the mountain, 30 yuan. There are many attractions in the scenic area, including the Indo Palace, the God of Laozi, etc. Many people who like mountaineering will choose to walk, the mountain is not high, it is ok. There are many TV shows shot here.
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megaeraQianhua Ancient Village is beautiful at night, very good to make a film, 9 o'clock lights off. There is a performance during the daytime holidays. No tickets are required for staying inn. Never buy a battery car to the mountain! Now Qianlong Yudao is closed for road repair. If you take the bus to the mountain, you can only take the bus down. On the mountain, there is no observation platform. It is a waste of 20 yuan!
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绝望虾米It is really a wonderful experience, if possible, I will come back again and ask more friends come with me. Thanks a lot
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Memorial Hall
博士小美女Maoshan New Fourth Army Memorial Hall is located in Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, opened on September 2, 1985. The pavilion is unique and magnificent, showing not only the maoshan three mountain peaks' majestic appearance, but also the revolutionary predecessors' achievements in the grand momentum, is now the national patriotism education demonstration base, national defense education demonstration base, national red tourism classic scenic spot.
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Historical Architecture
RhiiThis has to be my favorite place in Nanjing. Its truly worth visiting, the location is central and you could easily spend a good proportion of your day here. The grounds are well kept and provides a great opportunity to take selfies. would throughly recommend visiting
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E31***44the view is nothing but spectacular and it is a wonderful Momenument to a transformative figure.