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Things To Do in Ningbo

9,117 Reviews
SuemariWhat a great experience. Almost didn't go because of bad reviews on this platform. We had so much fun. It was a little expensive but all of the rides and attractions were open and operating. Waiting time in lines was relatively painless however it would seem that sometimes they have to wait for some rides to cool down or adjust before doing another round. Well worth a trip. If you're looking to save money pack your own food. Also, take some time to watch the shows and performances. Really impressive.
5,658 Reviews
E34***28a good place to visit . i took alot of pictures and nuce videos . thanks
6,063 Reviews
D11***85A great day out in Ningbo. Glorious scenery and a great hike, followed by a cable car ride back to the top of the waterfall.
4,105 Reviews
M37***49Xiangshan film and television city as one of the ten major film and television bases in China, the national AAAA class tourist attraction, China's charm scenic spot, in domestic and foreign famous can be said to be very high. Scenic area since 2005, the number of tourists has increased year by year, can also say is Ningbo city well-known net red punching card. The scenic area is divided into the God-carved Xia-Laocheng ~{Yueyang City, Guiyunzhuang, Zhenqing Valley, Lujiazhuang }. Spring and Autumn Warring States City ~{Mooyuan Palace, Zhuangjifu, Tuan'anfu }. Later, the second period of the Republic of China City, West Travel Park {Water Curtain Cave). Tangcheng. If you want to get a zero-distance contact with "theatre", it is best to reserve two and a half days, so the itinerary is not too rush, the scenic ticket is 150 per person, students and the elderly under 60 years old half price, the rest of the military, etc. The scenic area will have the corresponding theater performances at different times of the day, and if you have the opportunity, you can meet the stars!
2,780 Reviews
DaRhen D’ TravelerI’ve been here for how many times and it was a great experience and a beautiful place too. the animals and the trees is amazing it was a relaxing place to be.
1,521 Reviews
LornaFelt like a kid again. I absolutely loved all the shows from the dolphins and seals to the acrobatic/stunt guys. The Ocean World is quite big and there are quite a lot of ocean animals to see. I think we spent close to 3hrs in there. Visited in the beginning of October. There was a reasonable crowd of people (nothing unpleasant).