Pan County
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Things To Do in Pan County

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ableIt is more alpine pasture than grassland, private car can drive into the scenic spot, advantage and disadvantage, good is can be free in the scenic spot, the disadvantage is not many temporary parking lot, more vehicles, park along the road, resulting in traffic jam. The scenery is very good, the sky is blue, the white clouds are leisurely, the grass is grass, the flock of cattle, horses and sheep, a windmill rotates with the wind...Don't go in the dinosaur park inside, tickets 50, just saw dozens of plastic dinosaurs.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Shengjing hot spring water temperature is also 60 degrees of natural geothermal resources, and the water rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements, for health has important meaning, so, very popular.
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wanbaiguliDanxia Mountain is the world's "Danxia Landform" named. It consists of more than 680 flat, steep, gentle red sandy gravel rocks, with red cliffs as its characteristics. According to the geologists study, the world has found more than 1200 Danxia landforms of the most typical development, the most complete type, The most abundant shape of Danxia landforms concentrated distribution area.
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_WB***35Old Master: "Yao Chongtian · Jinguang Silver Xiaoxiao Pinglan 3 ⃣️" 1-18 11 3, world ancient ginkgo village, Tuole village, Shiqiao Town, Panxian County, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, is a bleak and diffuse makeup. Ancient road, Fengqingquan, Fenghuang? Qingfeng spreads everywhere, Tianyuan scenery. Ancient perfumes seek travel? The apricot leaves danced and danced. The sky is bright, the mountains are birds sing. The BRI is a golden gateway. The peach is green, the bridge is green, the water is flowing. The path is singing. The blue sky is white clouds, the rainbow is singing! The following year December 26th
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M28***21I used to read in the high school next to Biyun Cave. I usually like to play in Biyun Park. The scenery in the park is really not to say. The water cave is also pretty good. There are also casual restaurants in the park, which is very comfortable.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客This remote area, but has different scenery different hot spring water to enjoy, different fruit mineral resources content, for the health of the people is extremely favorable, so many bathing tourists.