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Things To Do in Pingding

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Historical Site
奇峰云海From Yangquan City in the past 1 hour, by a should be a national highway toll station, charge 10 yuan, the individual feel that should be, on the road several tunnels, the cost of tunnel repair is so high. We only bought Guancheng, adults 27, children half price, mainly climb the Great Wall, the foot of the mountain is the train to Shijiazhuang, Niangziguan Railway Station is also at the foot of the mountain, it seems that you can take the train from Shijiazhuang, water people and waterfalls, Pingyang Lake is on the way to Niangziguan, About 3-5 kilometers apart, but if you turn left from the toll station, you will not meet it. The tour is about 2 hours. At present, there are not many parking spaces, about a dozen, just on the side of the road, it is estimated that the holiday parking is a big problem, the Niangziguan in the Niangziguan town. I see a donkey friend commented that the toilet is dirty, now the mountain has installed portable toilet, the old toilet has been abandoned. The tunnel battle scenic area is also nearby, about 10 kilometers, when we went the scenic area closed, very sad.
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Historical Site
s j j s y 20210115Guguan is located in Pingding County, Shanxi Province, is the Ming Great Wall Zhenbao Town important pass, is one of the four famous Pass in the Ming Dynasty. Guguan Great Wall north from Niangzi Pass, south to Baihui Village, a total length of 20 kilometers, is a relatively complete wall in the domestic stone walls. Guguan Great Wall terrain is dangerous, has a long history. Qing Kangxi Emperor West Road to the road, praise this Guan majestic, Fu "Go through the Guguan" poem. The Guguan of the narrow fortress is called "Xiao Badaling" by Mr. Luo Zhewen, an expert on national cultural relics and vice president of the Great Wall Society of China, a unique scenic line on the flat East Gate and the Taijiu Expressway.
44 Reviews
滇国剑客Plain Guanshan Forest Park is a wonderful place to visit, not to mention the rich cultural background, just the dense forest to people to enjoy the feeling, it is wonderful.
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8689老牛NNNiangziguan Waterfall Scenic Area is in front of Niangziguan Scenic Area. Located at the junction of Hebei Province and Shanxi Province, Niangziguan name comes from, Tang Taizong Li Shimin sister once led the soldiers guarded here. The scenery of the waterfall scenic spot is good.
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M27***56The attraction is good, there are fewer people. The Huangya Cave and the glass path are pass tickets. One person costs 50 yuan. The ticket is booked before going. It is good to go directly.
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滇国剑客Yaolin Temple is the first impression of the temple building, however, it is a good forest landscape area for environmental protection, and it is really good to open up a landscape like a plant.

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