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Historical Site
E32***42It is a good place to visit. The museum is huge and worth for your money. Highly recommended.
1,069 Reviews
曦雨曚昽This museum is well worth a visit and gives a good insight into the most important resource coal around us. From ancient plants to coal now, from ancient mining techniques to now machined all have dedicated presentations and physical tours
1,245 Reviews
_We***66It was really amazing place in taiyuan, it was a best tourist spot every foreigner must have to visit the place, to know the ancient culture of China
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清水淡彩After re-fitting the greeting, Taiyuan Zoo came for the first time. The biggest change is that there is a regular super-large underground parking lot, once 10 yuan. Tickets for adults 10 yuan, children 5 yuan, so cheap can see many animals, don't be picky. After seeing the amphibian hall, the bird garden, the puppet hall, the primate hall, the rhino, the elephant hall, tiredly, the car continued to go up, the car saw the herbivores, finally the car returned to the north gate. This is not tired, the children can also accept. The overall remodeled animal life environment is better, the park is also beautiful, I hope that the children's park and the underwater world will be better later!
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Featured Neighborhood
LHCYLiuxiang is located in the downtown area of Taiyuan City, China's four largest night market, North China's largest night market, the daily traffic of more than 20 million people, Liuxiang is one of the ten commercial streets in the mainland China. Liuxiang is the oldest and most prosperous commercial street in Taiyuan. It has more than 300 years of commercial history. It is a must-visit place for tourists from other places in Taiyuan. When you come to Liuxiang, you can't stop to say the old names here. Qinghe Yuan's "brain soup" has been warm for a hundred years to nourishing Taiyuan people's body and mind; If the mouth is licked, the locals will go to Liuwei Ling to buy a piece of soy sauce, where soy sauce meats are so far in the selection and preparation methods strictly adhere to the traditional practices; for the out-of-town tourists, double-synthetic pastries, Yiyuanqing old Shanxi vinegar and other good gifts. In addition to the traditional, Liuxiang is also fashionable, there are Zhenwei, Apple, Fort Lion Dragon and other popular clothing brands of the exclusive shops and Guidu, Huayu and other modern shopping malls. Every Spring Festival and major holidays, Taiyuan young people will come to Liuxiang around midnight shopping. The nearby Chunyang Palace also holds the Taoist opening altar and the law festival, and can also watch local Jin opera performances.
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Historical Site
M45***29It is the best attraction in Taiyuan, so it is not too bad! It is convenient to drive and park, and there is no commercial taste ~. This is better than Jinyi too much! Tickets are only half of Jinju ~ cost-effective, of course, our family enjoyed the free policy of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, it is too worth it! The attitude of the scenic staff is also very good, telling that it is more than half an hour to waste not doing the shuttle bus, but the shuttle bus is not expensive for six yuan a person! It's a pity that this epidemic affected ~ Kaihua Temple and Guanyin Temple are closed, but it's also because the epidemic situation in early August has been very few people. You can carefully observe the Great Buddha and also calm down to tell the children the story of that era. Although the head of the Great Buddha is restored ~ Look at the recent photograph of the Great Buddha to feel the age of the Buddha and the light and new feeling of the head of the Buddha contrasted, but it must be said that it is shocking to be able to create such a large and beautiful Buddha in the period of Beiqi! And the restoration is still very successful, at least the restorer has read the history of Beiqi. The unity of the Buddha after the restoration is very strong, which reflects the construction style of the high majesty of the Beiqi era (especially the Gaoyang era), and if you want to pray ~ automatically scan the code to find a red band, write the family name, The big tree or stone steps around the big Buddha armrest, but also restore the Buddha's pure nature of the thought, of course, bring children must let children push the Zhuangyuan zhang! The whole scenic area is two roads up and down the mountain. The road is a mountain path along the stream. There are several small cable bridges with beautiful scenery. It adds a lot of fun! The Mengshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area is really recommended!

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Taiyuan Travel Tips

About Taiyuan

Taiyuan is the provincial capital of Shanxi. It is a city with 2,500 years of recorded history. In the past it was previously called Jinyang. As the provincial capital of Shanxi, Taiyuan is the transit and transfer point for many tourists who are traveling onwards to other parts of Shanxi. The Jinci Temple Complex is a must-see when visiting Taiyuan, where a variety of thousand-year-old buildings and colorful clay statues still stand today. Once you've returned downtown, have a taste of the local noodles. They are delicious and made fresh by the locals. Noodles are forever the primary staple food for the residents of Taiyuan. Dalu Noodles, Sliced Noodles, Cat's Ear Noodles, there are many different types of noodles, more than you can even imagine, and all of them are delicious. Try adding some vinegar like the locals do.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Taiyuan
18 Oct, 2021 Taiyuan Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 61%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:40/17:49
Taiyuan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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