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Things To Do in Xixiang

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真诚7577[[Stealing] [Stealing] [Stealing] my mom had to take some cheer fruits before sleep...lol buy more, the old man will eat if he is afraid of bad waste.
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Tea Plantation
扶疏子Qinling Bashan, Xiongzhi north-south, Han River Jialing, rushing east and west, between the green mountains and green waters, is inlaid with the most beautiful tea town in China-Xixiang. Xixiang has beautiful mountains and clear waters, mild climate, abundant rainfall, and rich products. It is known as the "small river in the northwest". There is no severe cold in winter, no scorching heat in summer, slightly acid soil, deep soil layer, and unique natural ecological environment, creating a tea-friendly environment with "rain washed green hills and green hills, cloudy and sunny, clouds and mists over mountains and rivers", making it the best tea area in northern my country Suitable for tea.
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辉辉与姗姗First of all, it is worth going, about 1 and a half hours on foot. Self-driving tour went, today is very lucky, I actually saw the rainbow bridge, various ancient stones, more suitable for relaxation, the scenic spot will not be very dry when walking, in general, it is very cool, the scenery is pleasant, wait for the next Grand Canyon rafting
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扶疏子Hanjiang Yanxiangdong Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is located in Shiquan, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, bordering the Qinling Mountains in the north and Bashan in the south. Relying on the Han River, the scenic spot will be close to more than a dozen scenic and ecologically perfect themed scenic spots, such as the Three Gorges of the Han River, the Ancient Town of Flatirons, the Fushui River, the Yanxiang Cave, Lingque Mountain and the Ancient Village of Xiaojia, Shiling Scenery, and Changling Canyon. The 150 scenic spots are ingeniously intertwined with pearls and jade, highlighting the unique original ecological beauty of the hinterland of Qinba and the banks of the Han River, and combined with the long-standing Hanshui culture, forming the natural landscape of melting mountains, waters, banks, caves, ancient towns, temples, The ancestral hall, theater and other cultural landscapes are integrated, with distinctive ecological natural scenic spots.
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M34***01More than 20,000 acres of scenic spots only four monkeys, four cows, two cats... First stop to see the monkey, a vision of the golden silk ridge, only four monkeys imprisoned in the cage, workers are not careless playing saws, scared national treasure shrinks in the corner, has lost the luster and vitality ... Second stop to see the cow, See the first cow don't want to go in, after the other heart is a block of queue for an hour, by car for five minutes, get on the bus is crowded, management is set up protests ... the third stop to see the panda, national treasure is a national treasure, even if dirty yellow, still be surrounded by water. A "refund" sound in the echo on the road, when the animals are borrowed, the sound appears more powerful!
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游侠半仙Hanzhong rape flower sea, we went to the Zaozhuang rape sky ladder flower point and Tianling view platform. From the top to the bottom of the sky, only see the terraces, twisting lines, is a spring scenery, spring breeze and crisp scenery. [View] spring breeze! [Interesting] people and nature close. [price/performance] free!

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Cherry ValeHanzhong,China

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The Xixiang Tea GardenHanzhong,China

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