Songshan Airport

Our flight search results provide you with up-to-date flight status information for Songshan Airport and help you find cheap flights from Songshan Airport. also provides Songshan Airport real-time flight status and international flight schedules. Songshan Airport serves Taipei, China. You can also get there by transferring at Pudong International Airport, Shuangliu International Airport, or Gaoqi International Airport. Popular airports near Songshan Airport include Songshan Airport, Taoyuan Airport, and Hualien Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Distance between Songshan Airport and the city center

6.25 km from Songshan Airport to city center

The average number of flights departing from Songshan Airport per day

Average 8 flights is departing from Songshan Airport everyday

The earliest flight departing from Songshan Airport

BR192 to go to Tokyo departing at 07:30

The last flight departing from Songshan Airport?

CI222 to go to Tokyo departing at 18:05