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OMO3 Asakusa by Hoshino Resorts
4.1/542 Reviews

OMO3 Asakusa by Hoshino Resorts

Ueno/Asakusa/Ryougoku Tokyo|0.18km from Sensō-ji
Let’s talk about it first…. The hotel just opened last year and the facilities are very new and clean. The location is very good, very close to Kaminariji Temple, and there are many restaurants nearby. The transportation is convenient, and there are less people at night. If you like a quieter night, it is very suitable. Moreover, I personally think the hotel mattresses are more comfortable than those in other hotels! but, If you want to book a large bed, you really need to look carefully. We, two adults, booked a double bed room. We didn't look carefully when booking, thinking it was a room with two mattresses (you can check the pictures on the official website). Two days before my departure to Japan, I took a closer look and found out that the bed in the room was a bunk bed with two floors. There was no mattress on the upper floor, but a wooden board (the concept of letting guests sit on the upper floor?). I tried to contact trip.con customer service, but the result was There was no room available for me to change, so I was asked to contact the Japanese hotel myself. In the end, the Japanese hotel had no way to help me change the room because I checked in automatically. We stayed for 4 nights and never went up there. We could only use it to store some clothes and coats. As for getting out of bed on one side (!), getting in and out of the bed is a bit troublesome. Moreover, because it is a bunk bed, basically half of the scenery outside the window is blocked, which feels a bit wasteful, because the scenery outside the window can see the temple, which is a very good scenery! Summarize, The above mistakes were caused by individuals not paying attention and have nothing to do with the hotel. I write such a long article just to share with other travelers coming to Tokyo that they should pay attention when booking this hotel. Because when traveling to Tokyo, everyone must be tired from shopping/shopping every day and go back to the hotel. If you go back to a comfortable hotel, you will be in a better mood! And I believe that the twin rooms in this hotel must be more beautiful and comfortable! (Official website picture) I paid HK$5391 for 4 nights this time. You can judge for yourself whether it is worth it!

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Hotel Mielparque Tokyo
3.9/50 Reviews
Tokyo Tower
This hotel has not much reviews and offers some experiences. Location: Just on the other side of the road in Shiba Park, across the street, it is super convenient to go to the Tokyo Tower. The night is still beautiful. It is convenient to take a half hour drive from the airport. Environment: The hotel is quite atmospheric, the lobby is spacious and bright, and there are not many tourists. The front desk is very friendly and speaks English. I stayed for five nights and didn't hear the voice of the Chinese people. The overall surrounding environment is very quiet. Room: Two large and medium-sized medium twin rooms, children 8 years old, no problem, the room is relatively spacious. The bathroom is small, but there is still a step that is not low, and the elderly are not very convenient. It is very convenient to have a small refrigerator. Breakfast is not bad, people have not been much, the environment is good on the first floor. Shopping around: The hotel is not a lively area of interest downstairs. In the morning, you can feel the rush and silence of the office workers. Go to the JR line for seven or eight minutes and have a family supermarket, Alipay settlement. Meal: There are restaurants nearby, it is quite convenient, and I change to the restaurant every night. Basic English communication is not smooth, and it is quite interesting to order food. There is a white cloth curtain to eat the restaurant of Kochi dumplings, there is no picture of ordering, all rely on Mongolia. Beer and dumplings taste good. Service, very good, changed the room once in the middle. There is indeed a Chinese service. On that day, the Chinese staff were absent and the communication was difficult. The front desk called the Chinese staff and translated between us. Very good, don't worry about staying at this hotel. The overall feeling is quite good, eleven prices are slightly more expensive. If you like shopping, you still have to live near Ginza Shinjuku. It is two stops from Ginza and the taxi is 100 yuan.
Shibuya Hotel En
4/584 Reviews
We stayed in the EN about a year ago and thus can't comment to much on any Corona related precautionary measures, as it wasn't relevant then. Still they probably would be ideally prepared, as Japanese are usually are. We enjoyed our stay there a lot, mainly due to the perfect hub it represented to exploring Tokyo as first-time visitors. It is perfectly located between the busy and quieter parts of Shibuya and we would recommend it a lot. Of course we have been to nicer rooms, but it was perfectly fine and reasonably priced considering its prime location in of the world's most populous and expensive cities.
Hotel  Bar  Grantios
4.5/54 Reviews
The best hotel! I have used various hotels from high-class to business, but my impression is that it feels like a ”home like a family waiting for you”. For all staff! I don't think it's easy to do, and my head is down. The objects displayed at the entrance to the elevator are also very eye-catching. There are various types of rooms and it is fun. In the slightly raised room, you can't help but relax.  Since there are rooms that I have not used yet, I would like to ask you to come again.
Hotel Fukudaya
4.2/533 Reviews
I had to write an exam in Tokyo at Temple University (Japan campus). I specifically looked for a hotel that was conveniently located for me to take the exam early in the morning. I picked Hotel Fukudaya for the convenience but was wow'd overall. The people working at the reception were all very friendly. I speak Japanese so check-in was pretty smooth but I saw a lot of other foreigners and they could generally communicate in English with them. My room was quite small with tatami floor. I had a large window and my own private access to a toilet. Didn't have a shower in my room, but had access to a bath (you lock it so you have sole access for that period of time). It was pretty cold in Tokyo at that time but the air conditioner heated the (small) room just fine. There are no elevators but they will help you with your luggage if you are staying on the upper floor. They held onto my luggage after I checked out and I came back for it later. I only had them hold onto it for a few hours, but I believe they can hold onto it for even a few days. Can't imagine having to stay here again since it's not the most convenient for tourists and I won't be needing to take the exam again. You have to walk quite a distance from the nearest JR station (uphill too). But it was a very comfortable stay.
Dormy Inn EXPRESS Meguro-Aobadai Hot Spring
4.3/546 Reviews
BEWARE Not recommended for solo females OR couples with females! I chose this place because of the listed spa amenity. It says separate areas for men and women. FALSE that is a lie! There is 1 area only, and separate DAYS for men and women. Men get 5 days (weekdays), women get 2 days (weekends). I arrived Sunday night, and the lady took so long to check me in and finally got to explaining the spa at which point I said, wait, so I only have 20 minutes now to use the spa? She said ”Sorry, 15 min sorry” So I had to rush, while she was still talking to me about the ramen I don't care! So I got to use the spa for 10 min! So I booked another hotel, Super Hotel I stayed at before that I know has 2 separate areas and the spa is open ALL night until 9am. I asked Dormy to give me a refund because of the false advertising. Of course they say sorry no. I would not have stayed there if I had known this. Seeing that I was a single female booking they should have notified me. And what I really cannot tolerate is gender inequality. I know this is a more male dominate society, but that is old and backwards and I do not support that type of thinking. Please do not support this gender inequality! If you are a woman, this is NOT the hotel for you. Location is also weird and not much to walk to. Who cares about the Starbucks you can get that anywhere. I left first thing in the morning, I don't care if I lost money on it, I wasn't going to stay there a minute longer.
R&B Hotel Ueno Hirokoji
4.6/5117 Reviews
The room has been renewed and is clean, and it is good because it has everything you need. The desk is also easy to use and is convenient for a little work. The bed mattress is comfortable to sleep in, and the pillows can be selected according to your physical condition, so I am grateful. The power supply is also in a position where it is easy to use and is easy to use. I think it's good without waste because you can choose and bring amenities from the side of the front desk. Breakfast is also 々, I think it's just right. The location is also convenient and is good for transportation, eating, shopping and sightseeing. Thank you for not being too noisy at night. The bathroom and toilet are clean and the shower is nice. However, he should be careful as the toilet is small because it is a unit.

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