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Things To Do in Chongzhou

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龙说23Ok, not too intense! But can swim! This is not bad, where to swim for more than an hour, suitable for children to play! Adult words are really monotonous!
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Taoist Temple
E25***89It’s a beautiful place to get away from downtown for a day or two. Fresh air, fab scenery & cultural places of interest. Easy to take a bus or train from Chengdu
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Water Conservancy Project
Yoj DThe weather is cloudy. The irrigation scenery is amazing. We went there during holiday so it’s a bit crowded. I’m curious what’s the significance of the stone packed in a bamboo.
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Ancient Settlement
CD云上Jiezi Ancient Town, west of Chengdu, very close to Qingcheng Mountain, Chengdu is very convenient for transportation, driving about an hour or so. As a Chengdu, it is like the back garden, I have been here many times, but I live in the street for the first time, the temperature is low in summer, especially cool. In the morning, I have to cover the quilt, the night view of the ancient town is beautiful, there are not many people at night, and it tastes different when I wander.
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M47***66Knock on the stick. I recommend you take umbrellas, because it is very hot. Don't bring too much things. You can bring a bag. Everyone has a bag. And everyone should remember to bring more water because you are really thirsty. If you don't buy water, I suggest you bring large bottles of water. Because it is really thirsty, if you can bring a small fan, the average person consumes less than 240 yuan, and you can play many times. Please rest assured. 
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M44***93Really shocked, as a liberal arts student, really dare not look carefully at the anti-Japanese war history records, casually see the text of a cultural relics to introduce me tears, that is not just a story, it is a ancestor with blood and flesh piled up history, don't forget the shame of the country, Revitalizing China!