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Things To Do in Danzhai

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yylatpkuDanzhai Wanda Town is a classic work of Baoxian poverty alleviation Danzhai County, Wanda Group, is one of the representative works in the trend of our country's characteristic town. There is an artificial lake, Donghu, 1 km east of Danzhai County, surrounded by East Lake is a 4.5 km long plastic walk, through the town, lakeside, mountain forests, very suitable for strolling. Wanda Town is located in the east lake west, the town has two streets, the main street is connected with Yougong Square, Gulou Square, Jinji Square, the length of about 800 meters, along the street is distributed a large number of shops, selling Danzhai and Guizhou various local and special products, and Danzhai and Guizhou food. There are regular events and performances on the main street and on the various plazas, and the schedule can be obtained at the visitor service center at the entrance to the Piazza Eugong. The second street is located on the lakeside, is a lakeside street, there are many restaurants here set up an open-air card seat, in the fine weather, sit here while enjoying the beautiful scenery, while eating food, is certainly a pleasure. One of the highlights of Wanda Town is to create several intangible cultural heritage of the Miao people special art exhibition center, distributed in the main street of the town in different courtyards, here, you can see with your own eyes, but also buy delicate gifts, such as batik, Miao silver ornaments. On the opposite side of Wanda Town, it is Wanda Jinhua Hot Spring Hotel, which also has a beautiful small library, which is worth a visit. In Wanda Town, there are also glass bridge, air swings and other entertainment facilities to choose from, the town main street also VR experience shop, Wanda Studios, video games indoor entertainment facilities. There are Wanda Town Theater performances such as folk dance performances. There are two star hotels in Wanda Jinhua and Wanda Meihua, as well as several good hotels. It can be said that Wanda Town is a tourist complex with all the food, drink and fun. Here, you can play happily for one or two days, it is a place that will not let you down.
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Ancient Settlement
klandyIt's very nice. It's beautiful, especially the night view and the sun just came out in the morning.
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Terraced Field
相约于CGaoyao terraced fields are located in Gaoyao Village, about 10 kilometers away from Danzhai County. The terraced fields are stacked on top of each other and the whole mountain is covered. Now the rice is being harvested. It would be more beautiful to go to a golden spot earlier. The best viewpoint is on the opposite side of the village, and there is a dedicated parking area behind the bridge.
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Ancient Settlement
_We***35Nice place to spend few hours and enjoy in atmosphere and good food
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相约于CWhen you arrive in Southeast Guizhou, you will find many rivers here, winding along the road, and the clear river water nourishes high-quality fish in the river. Therefore, Southeast Guizhou is the origin of Guizhou Suantang Fish. The sour soup fish in Shiqiao Village does not have much seasoning. The fermented tomato sauce and the locally produced green peppers have umami and spicy flavors, which instantly raises the taste.
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_We***35A typical Miao Village full of old traditions and good food, not commercialized too much.