Ji County
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6,037 Reviews
E33***60i visited the waterfall from Shaaxi side. it was astonishing. i was thrilled. and it definitely worths the 5hrs travel round trip.
61 Reviews
tt梦幻小妖It was only after I came here that I learned that there is still Zushan Mountain Scenic Area. Although he did not have much expectations of him, it did not disappoint us when I came here. They are all natural landscapes.
13 Reviews
滇国剑客Kenanpo scenic spot beautiful scenery, really make the visitors here drunk, whether it is the changeful landscape, or add aesthetic to the landscape artificial landscape, give people also infinite beautiful feeling.
5 Reviews
热爱生活0618Without the mouth of the pot, one cannot appreciate the unrepressive and roaring power of the Yellow River; without the mouth, one cannot appreciate the momentum of the Yellow River's "water from the sky, rushing to the sea"; without the mouth, one cannot appreciate the power of the Yellow River Indomitable spirit.
13 Reviews
xieritaA while later, we crossed the Yellow River Bridge, we left Shaanxi into Shanxi, we are not the first time to Shanxi, Shanxi is a great love. Shanxi here the road is obviously not as good as Shaanxi, it is said that the original Jixian to Hukou road is mountain climbing, only Jixian driver will walk.
6 Reviews
Geological Sites
热爱生活0618You can see the landform of the Loess Plateau in the Zhongshi Scenic Area. Since the mid-Pleistocene of the Quaternary, layers of loess have accumulated on both sides of the Yellow River. Over the years, various typical loess landforms have been formed under the action of flowing water and wind erosion, mainly including loess, beams, source (residual source), loess gullies, cliffs, pillars, dams and sinkholes. These loess provide habitats for human habitation. The typical loess cave dwellings and loess courtyards on the Loess Plateau are a beautiful scenery in the scenic area.

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Renzu Mountain Scenic AreaLinfen,China

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Huanghe Hukou Farmhouse FoodLinfen,China

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Hukou WaterfallLinfen,China

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Ji County Travel Tips

About Ji County

Ji County is situated on the southern edge of the Lüliang Mountains near to the city of Linfen in the southwest of Shanxi Province. The Yellow River forms the county's western border. The county has distinct seasons with plentiful sunshine and fertile soil ideal for apple cultivation. It is also home to the spectacular Hukou Waterfall, China's second largest waterfall. The waterfall is located within the Hukou Waterfall National Geopark, which attracts large numbers of tourists and has beautiful scenery all year round.

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Ji County Weather

19 Oct, 2021
6 ~ 15
20 Oct, 2021
Light Rain
3 / 13
21 Oct, 2021
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22 Oct, 2021
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23 Oct, 2021
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24 Oct, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Ji County
19 Oct, 2021 Ji County Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 82%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:47/17:57
Ji County Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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