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E33***60i visited the waterfall from Shaaxi side. it was astonishing. i was thrilled. and it definitely worths the 5hrs travel round trip.
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Historical Site
AviationistaHongdong Dahuaishu Ancestor Memorial Garden features the historical Dahuaishu that's about 2000 years ago. It is also the location of the beginning of the Chinese history. You are even able to check the history of your family name if you are Chinese!
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旅星人After the end of the Hukou Waterfall in the morning, for the ice cave, he opened for nearly two hours to come to Yunqiu Mountain. As a 5A scenic spot, Yunqiu Mountain is really a very mature scenic spot with supporting facilities. Traffic, scenic management and prices are quite good. This time, because of the time constraints, I only played the back mountain route. The back mountain mainly includes the gods, the ancient villages and the ice cave. Although the ice cave still has to buy 120 / person tickets separately, and there is a long queue for May Day, it is really good to see, it is definitely worth going in and getting better, and it is the most beautiful section of the cave attractions I have personally played at present.
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Memorial Temple
江水浪花The temple was built in the west of Suruga, and moved to the east bank of Suruga during the Yuan-Kang era in the west, and in the year of the Tang Dynasty, the temple was moved from the southwestern part of the Fucheng to the south of the present. The temple is a national ancestor temple rich in history and culture and five thousand years of civilization. It is commonly called Sansheng Temple, and it is a temple dedicated to the three ancestors of the Chinese ancestors, Guo, and Jiang. The capital of Pingyang was established more than 4000 years ago, and Kyushu was demarcated, which formed the earliest pattern in China. Pingyang became one of the earliest birthplaces of Chinese civilization, known as the first capital of China.
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137***25From the railway station to Guangsheng Temple, Hongdong 22 bus. Guangsheng Temple is divided into the Shangxia Temple and the water temple, the main temple and most of the Buddha are Yuan and Ming objects. The Guangsheng Tower of the Shangsi was rebuilt in the years of Zhengde and Jiajing, which lasted 12 years, and is the largest and most beautiful glass tower. It was destroyed by the disturbance of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in Nanjing. It is not easy to preserve the glass tower. Although it was raining heavily on the day, our shoes and clothes were already soaked. When we saw the tower at the bottom of the mountain, nothing could stop us from climbing. The glass tower is really beautiful, even if it is rainy, it is still glamorous. On the bottom eaves, the inside of the glazed bricks appeared repeatedly "Siddharta" and "Nanwu Amida Buddha" six characters, the size of the fonts are different, you can see the repairs throughout the generations. The tower can be preserved so far, is not it alone? The temple currently only some fragmentary frescoes, Two full frescoes have been settled in the Nelson Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the right to the cultural spread across the ocean. The human-character beam of the Temple of the Thousand Buddha is a national exception, worth seeing, and the water temple frescoes, the theme is rain and rain, very well preserved. We saw it all day, when it stopped raining. It was a worthwhile trip.
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Historical Architecture
gary liuHuamen is the largest gate in China, bigger than the Arc de Triomphe. The gate of half-opening portends that Chinese civilization has been opened 4300 years ago, is a cultural museum, showing the deep Chinese history and culture, like history or with children is a good place for popular science.

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About Linfen

Linfen is located in the southwestern part of Shanxi Province. Located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, it is near Changzhi and Jincheng. This is one of ancient Chinese civilization's birthplaces and it is famous for its long history and culture. Sometimes called "the first capital of China" the city is scattered about with all kinds of cultural relics and historical sites. Rich in wheat and cotton resources, this city is one of North China's important grain and cotton production bases. Sometimes it is called by the beautiful moniker, the “hometown of cotton and wheat.” The spectacular "Ancient Emperor Yao Temple" and the ancient murals depicting the story of the city, which can be seen in Guangsheng Temple, both add a touch of color to the city.

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