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afatafatOK. Need at least four hours for the furthest scenic stop to cover the furthest waterfall.
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Historical Architecture
Historical Site
D30***09Fascinating! Surrounded by gorges on three sides and mountains on the fourth, Zhangbi is a rather large fortress complex preserved in excellent condition. Visiting this place was not unlike seeing one of Europe's famous castles. There are also extensive underground defense tunnels, an ancient weapons museum, and a Shaolin archery exhibit to see here. About an hour's drive from Pingyao Old Town, but absolutely worth the wait!
60 Reviews
Taoist Temple
M15***87Houtu Temple is located at the north end of the temple floor street in Jiexiu City, when you go to Jiexiu, you must visit here, the glazed tile roof is magnificent, the key point is that there is no entrance fee, and it is very clean inside.
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徐徐霞客RrYunfeng Temple, originally called Baofu Temple, the head of more than 100 caves. The name is because the shape here is similar to the two hands Baofu, so called Baofu Temple. Later, because of the construction of Baofu Rock and named. The temple has the emperor Guangxu's "ciyun Fayu" Yuyao and other historical and cultural sites.
9 Reviews
City Park
滇国剑客The park named Mianshan is really beautiful, and the landscape in the park is arranged with the golden section line, which is very cleverly arranged with the scenery design, making the space of the park more and more beautiful.
11 Reviews
Children's Play Areas
ysy0769Here the magical water play performance, the dull sea lion, the gentleman walrus is with the sailors from the foreign land, for you to play the witty and humorous wonderful story, the fairy tale country dream time ah!

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Xinyi Mountain VillaJinzhong,China

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Zhangbi Ancient CastleJinzhong,China

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Jiexiu Houtu TempleJinzhong,China

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Jiexiu Travel Tips

About Jiexiu

Jiexiu City is located in south-central Shanxi Province and is under the administration of the Jinzhong Region. It is an important transportation hub in the Shanxi heartland. Mount Mian is located to the south of the Jiexiu urban area. It is also called Mount Jie, after the famous Spring and Autumn period (771-476 BCE) hero who secluded himself here and died in a fire. The mountains here are steep and the natural scenery is gorgeous, with many sites of cultural interest. You can also visit the ancient fortress of Zhangbi and the Houtu Temple.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Jiexiu
19 Oct, 2021 Jiexiu Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:43/17:51
Jiexiu Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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