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黄乐小明Second tour of Jiuhuangshan. 🚩[Departure] From Chengdu East Station, the earliest train in the morning went to Jiangyou Station and had breakfast at the nearby bun shop. Directly take a taxi to Jiuhuangshan 70 yuan [ Gaode map to take a taxi ] (because the traffic jam is 10 yuan more than the expected taxi price), by 9:00 it was already 10 o'clock, contacted [ Jiuwu Hotel ] The boss can check in, put the luggage, we went to lunch, bought water to prepare for the mountain. 🚩[Entry into the park] Now it's advanced. The scenic spot does not need to pick up the ticket, brush your face in. Each project behind the friend who buys a package can directly brush his face. 🚩[Into the mountain] There are two ways to enter the scenic spot. There are ropeways to enter (too many people in the queue, they will wait for more than 30 minutes), sightseeing cars to enter (do not think that the sightseeing car is boring, the third road 18 bend, the driver is the Qiuming Mountain Car God! To experience the thrill of the last row of seats), sightseeing cars do not queue. Finally, note: The ropeway, the sightseeing car is all to the same place (Dai Nationality Hotel). 🚩[First Choice of Lines] The entire scenic map is inverted triangle ▽ type. It is recommended that you choose from right to left. 🚩[Specific line] In turn, it is Qianshan Lover Bridge, high-altitude zipline, glass bridge, ape king cave part of the cliff path 2.5㎞, you can go directly to the place where the wild boar is raised at the top of the mountain and then take a sightseeing bus to the Yunzhong Farm Network Red carding ground, paddling, Starry Sky Camping is here to see the sunrise. After visiting the top of the right mountain, take a sightseeing bus back. The left is the glass path and the glass observation deck, respectively. There are bunkers and day staircases and Tenjin Temple in turn. At this time, the one who enters the mountain in the morning should be almost evening.
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夜猫子*^O^*Take the children to play, the weather is very good and cool, the family away from the city hustle and bustle into the nature to feel the fresh air, the cave is very beautiful and bustling! Very good tour!
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浥轻尘Overall well worth a visit. It was very comfortable to climb high when the weather was good. However the tickets seemed too expensive. Plus the cable car ticket was amazing for the price. There was a show on the top, it was breathtaking and specially filmed the show time, which you can see if the time is right.
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Geological Sites
TeambuildDriving from Mianyang, an hour and ten minutes, parking at the door, sightseeing car three yuan, you can also walk, or you will walk in less than ten minutes. Three tickets, tickets for karst caves, tickets for rafting, tickets for water world, it is best to buy three together, 188 yuan / people. Children over one meter or four, which is an adult ticket. Overall, rafting is OK, the size is suitable for play, the water world is not too drying is not bad, suitable for ladies.
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路中寒梅National Day went to Yaowang Valley for 2 days, the rain is not slippery, can only stay nearby to see the scenery, the air is good leisure play is still a good place, after all, there are fewer people and the environment is good! The price of the hotel is also close to the people.
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Famous Residences
穿白衬衣的薄荷星Poetic Chinese Li Bai's hometown, beautiful Jiangyou came to Jiangyou, the first stop came to Li Bai's former residence. The great poet Li Bai was born in this beautiful land of Zhongling, where he lived for 24 years. The scenic area is mainly divided into 12 parks, such as the poem monument garden, the clear wind bright moon garden, the tower picking star garden, the Xiangxi family garden, etc. Take a stroll along the scenic spot and feel the historic imprints of the great poet.

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Shengshi Cherry Blossom ValleyMianyang,China

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Baima Wanglang National Natural Scenic AreaMianyang,China

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Qinglinkou Ancient TownMianyang,China

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Fucheng Tieniu Street Community Sichuan Opera Performance CenterMianyang,China

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The Caribbean WaterparkMianyang,China

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Mianyang Travel Tips

About Mianyang

Mianyang, with a history of 2,200 years, is one of Sichuan's most important tourism cities. Mianyang is filled with many of the nation's leading science, technology and engineering institutions are located here. In the Science and Technology Museum, one of the few "outer space wind tunnels" in the country is located here. Mianyang's natural landscape is also very enchanting, and every year in April Yaowang Canyon turns into a sea of blossoming flowers. The characteristic peaks and karst caves scattered across Jiuhuang Mountain are a paradise for photography lovers. While in Mianyang, you can experience the ancient culture of the Dai people; you may perhaps find here traces of the great Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai, who spent his youth in this area.

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