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Things To Do in Pengzhou

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微微一行The last time I went to Danjingshan, the attractions were free at the beginning of the first month, and the parking fee was only charged. This year, I called on everyone to travel nearby. I remembered here. Now the ticket is 30, and it is cheaper to buy 2 yuan online. But the online ticket should be checked in the ticket office on the spot. Then by the ticket code from the gate. Into the gate to see a selling cake, bought a nest cake, a long time have not eaten, taste good!
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Hot Springs Resort
M36***85Today, I came to Baoshan Hot Spring Resort Hotel to soak in hot springs. It still feels comfortable and relaxed. I am away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I am soaking in a pure natural and non-polluting hot spring. In a moment, I let people forget their troubles and relax. I feel like I am blending in with nature. Will be here every week
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CoreybBakerThey are super silly and playful. Loved watching them for hours. We arrived at 7:45 to try beat the madnesses, it didn’t matter as the line was already 400 people deep. it rained for about two hours around 11 and 90% of the visitors left. My advice is come on a day when it rains or not during summer.
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M22***00The scenery is OK, but there is nothing fun in the scenic spot. There is a long time still under construction. The playability is too bad, in addition to bungee jumping and teasing monkeys, it is too boring. The ticket fee is expensive and the price is not high.
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Hot Springs Resort
158***18The hot spring is very good, very natural, the water temperature is suitable, the air is good, there is a go-kart, you can also play badminton, there is a parent-child park, the sun bay plans to go tomorrow, today the hot spring and the go-kart are very high, it is suitable for a family or friends to come to the party, the sun coffee shop in Tianbao Hot Spring is also good, Very tasteful, cost-effective [view] [price-effective] [interest]
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方知行Personal favorite museum, Samsungdui museum is a must.Also a few years ago, before the understanding is not very intuitive, face-to-face visit before I feel more shock, mysterious, exquisite, every bronze is so breathtaking.