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扶疏子Hashiryo is a mausoleum of the Yi Dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, and is the only imperial mausoleum built in the morisei of the opening of the Tang Dynasty.
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转角遇到爱520The former name was changed to the Qing Dynasty koin Museum of koin, which was established in 1998 9.
35 Reviews
扶疏子The museum of Tongcheng County is located in the plain of Guanzhong, with elegant environment and cypresses, which is a window of Tongcheng history, and attracts visitors from all directions with its exquisite cultural relics and rich connotation. Every spring and autumn, there are countless owls living in the Confucian Temple, thousands of fire swallows around the North Tower flying chase, become a great wonder of the north of Huaibei.
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Water Park
华骅Shengxin Hot Spring Water Park is located in the county of Weicheng, about 70 kilometers from Weinan City, and belongs to Shaanxi Shengxin Restaurant and Entertainment Management Co., Ltd. It is a water dynamic park integrating interactive, ornamental, interesting and entertaining, with convenient transportation and is one of the larger water parks. The feeling of being home is refreshing, a paradise for health and summer...
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Ancient Villages
gz当地向导伊妹儿You never know how desolate the environment is when you go to the Loess Plateau. Take a look at the Loess Plateau Folk Village. My family lives in the Loess Plateau. It feels like a strong wind blows from the slope. The scenery is still very good.
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莱恩•LionThe scenic area of Yueyang Lake between Weinan and Fuping County, which is free of admission and parking fee of 5 yuan, is located 3 kilometers north of Dangmu Town, Pucheng County, Weinan City (west side of Yueqing Highway), a national wetland park built on the advantage of water resources. Lake in the area can be used in large, water day, wave light, reed swaying, is the water birds soar, perch, breeding unique ecological environment, is 800 li Qinchuan rare water town of Zeguo. The scenic spot is a combination of ecological park, sea bathing place, water hotel and lakeside residence, which is a high-tech park with regional influence and a special tourist attraction, and a good place for the integrated development of rural, urban and rural areas. Spend 50 yuan for a yacht, flying on the lake, watching birds, shore scenery, in the summer is quite cool and cozy.

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27 Oct, 2021 Pucheng Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 58%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:57/17:53
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