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_M1***06The stone elephant lake is not far from Chengdu. The day is the old people who took the family. A total of 8 of us went. The old people still feel very good. The air is fresh and the tulips of various colors are available. It is very suitable for the old people to take pictures. Hahaha, in general, the price is high, the scenery is good.
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Ancient Settlement
微微一行When we came to the old town in the west, the weather was not very good, it was raining for a while, the river was very chaotic, the ancient town is not too many tourists, watching the riverside many tourists leisure tea tables, you can imagine the weather when there are more tourists here.
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路上50Minjiang Mingyue Village is famous for its ceramics, experiencing the fun of pottery, strolling the country road, lotus pond bamboo, farmland, the countryside scenery is all the way... The weather turned over on weekends, and it was cooler. So I went to Mingyue Village to go. When I arrived, there were not many people. I went to the pottery village to take the children and do pottery. Add the total of 110 postage, then in the Guojia yard for lunch, finally to the moon and cloud coffee after afternoon tea, overall okay.
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好孩纸打游戏不充值Let me talk about how to go, self-driving local tyrants ignore. Train from Chengdu West Railway Station to Pujiang Station and take a taxi (there is no direct bus to the scenic spot, which is uncomfortable). The distance is 4.5 kilometers (15-20 yuan). If you like, you can walk. Well, I usually go on weekends, it's okay! There are not many people, but it is indeed beautiful. This beauty is not the standardization of scenic spots, but the pastoral beauty that is naturally shaped by farmers! The cherry blossoms in the mountains are beautiful. The cherry blossoms on the mountain are planted in a special terraced field. The tour can be strolled in layers, which is pretty good! There are also places to eat in the mountains and parking is possible, but there are not too many parking spaces. Overall it feels ok! Pretty! Finally, I would like to say that for my commuter, I can still take the express train to Pujiang. Recommend! The total cost per person is 100
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顺时针1986In Lijiang Stone Show Lake, from the seven star platform dock boarding, all the way through Stone Show Temple, Wenxiang Bridge, Guqintai, Erlong play beads, string fish dock, then back to Guqintai dock disembark, disembark can be along the forest trail to Stone Show Temple. All the way is lush woods, there is a long suspension bridge, can go up to the stone elephant lake high point, here can take pictures of the whole lake area, the visit of the horse-watching flowers often can not go here. The stone-Xiang Temple of the ancient temple of Lijiang River is the home of the famous three countries Yan Yan soul, said plainly is a religious activity place, the building is basically new, does not exist need to go to the stone-Xiang Lake tour will always go here. Chengdu Xinnanmen Station has a shuttle bus to and from the stone elephant lake every day. The one-way ticket is 31 yuan. The journey 1.5 hours. If you return on the same day, it is best to go to the stone elephant temple in the morning. The stone elephant sculpture in front of the Tianwang Temple is a little more impressive.
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Historical Site
Tom84114Chaoyang Lake as an artificial reservoir is quite failed, the Lijiang River built this scenic area in the last century, soon submerged in historical floods, far less enduring than the convenient stone elephant lake. It seems that the scenic spots along the Qingyi River have no good end, whether it is Baizhang Lake, Caoyu Beach, Chaoyang Lake, or Jiajiang Qianfo Rock, or decay, or very low reputation, reviews and travel notes are poor. But the Caoyu Beach has thousands of towers of Buddha Buddha and the Angkor Wat in China, Chaoyang Lake has the national key protection cultural relics - Feixian Pavilion cliff statues, but it is also called the exquisite. Especially Feixian Pavilion, built in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, is a true thousand-year-old stone carving, very worth a visit. 1. Location: Along the Yiming Road, which is the Chaoyang Lake Ring Road, the lush green, comparable to the green ridge, is the best preserved and most beautiful cliff carving in the Minjiang Grottoes. So, decades ago, lack of protection awareness, how stupid road planning, will be the national treasure into two roads divided into three parts along the street, every day by the car to car dust. 2. Opening time: It is repairing again, and it is endless geological instability, dangerous, temporarily closed, for a decade. 3. Look at the point: The three parts of the two roads can be regarded as two parts, one is the Feixian Pavilion Juyan, which is the cover of this attraction, the other part is the other side of two slightly larger Buddha statues, with a few carvings. (1) Feixian Pavilion Juyan. Feixian Pavilion on the rock, should be built for later generations, overlooking the river and away, because scaffolding can not go, a little regret. But the focus is not it, but the rocks from the Sui and Tang Dynasty carefully carved, descendants of cliff statues. On the sides of this huge rock, carved Buddha statue Bodhisattva, Lishi Lotus, exquisitely shaped, seat color bright. Most of the contents are the Buddha of the Three Worlds, the Western Sansei, Maitreya, the Qian Han Guanyin, Ruyi Lu Guanyin, the Earth Tibet, the Tianlong Babu, and other tourists mentioned the Hu people Heavenly King, which strongly supported the symbol of the prosperous travel of the Western Regions in the Tang Dynasty. The stone carving workers are exquisite, the lines are simple and clear, the gods and buddha generally look calm, full of content, the figure is wonderful, attractive, especially the color depiction, the peacock green and green, the blue dress is as blue as blue, red as fire, black as ink, even after thousands of years, still not fade, The most beautiful ancient stone carvings in Sichuan, except for the Anhui stone, are the remote and unknown cliff statues that I can almost be sure of. The position of the bodhisattva, when he gazes at the lotus in his hand, and appears as if he were in the buddha kingdom, he listens to the sanskrit voice, and the height of the level of the shaping is remarkable. (2) the middle Buddha is on the other side of the road, and one is half blocked, only seeing the upper body, the statue is low, not angry and proud; Another one on the side of the mountainside, there is a small pavilion sheltering the wind and rain, Maitreya sits down lotus, overlooking the world, as if in the mission to solve puzzles, own charm. Feixian Pavilion is not famous, because of its own number, but also poor promotion. In this article, Yang its name, Dengge Feixian, Sensitize Buddha Yuan. Five stars recommend, go to Chaoyang Lake can not see the lake, but can not go to Feixian Pavilion.

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About Pujiang

Pujiang is a county under the administration of Chengdu in Sichuan province. It is known for its clean air, large areas of forest, lakes and mountainous scenery. The region is also rich in history – the Song dynasty philosopher Wei Liaoweng and the Nationalist military general Li Jiayu were born here.

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