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Things To Do in Qionglai

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_We***75The second time to Tiantai Mountain, just the Dragon Boat Festival, about a friend to go to chase fireflies. Last April, came once, may catch fireflies mating season, full of eyes, flying around to the romantic to the extreme. This time, the fireflies are relatively fewer, but they are also very good, and I have experienced the fun of waiting and cherishing. In addition to the fireflies, Tiantai Mountain itself is also beautiful. It is mad to take pictures of Sen system. Beautiful! Very cool, suitable for summer, many children play in the valley, very comfortable. The only point is that, although the firefly is very beautiful, I hope the children learn to cherish and look far, the parents seriously teach a child, the children are very good existence, will understand to treat small animals. Bonfire is weak, life is honorable!
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弄玉非秦To the bamboo sea near the town of Pingle, has felt the idyllic song of the pleasure, deep inhale, the air is sweet! Sweet! Although very love Chengdu, but from Chengdu to here, I can feel my lungs very happy. Sure enough, there is a big electronic display screen hanging at the entrance of the scenic spot, negative oxygen ion concentration explosion table. The scenic area is not big, the whole journey up the mountain, the attractions are wonderful and interesting, shouting springs, after making a wish, the original drip water will become a waterfall, men and women, old and young are not happy. Walking through the highest length of the cable bridge, you can look out over the whole bamboo sea valley. You can play a thrill when you go down the mountain, do the pulley down the mountain, unfortunately just in time for the maintenance and didn't sit on it. This attraction experience is comfortable and cozy. The various vending machines and places that provide rest are just right when we are tired, and I feel very careful. Everyone should be careful about the forest fire, not smoke in the scenic spot.
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chocosaWennan Baoshan has two earthquakes, by the Longxi Valley moved from the Yongzhai, one is the zhitai Yongzhai, one is the wooden ladder Yongzhai. This time we went to the wooden ladder Yongzhai. The hometown of the villagers of Muti Yaozhai is in the village of Xige, Longxigou, Wenchuan. I went to Xige village in the summer of 2006 (at that time I visited zhitai village). The stone house of the village of Xige Yaozhai seemed to be in front of me, but it has been changed, and a little of his heart gave birth to a little satisfaction. We are pleased that they are walking before their new home is reborn and their life is full. We complained to the villagers' home, which is 100 yuan per person for dinner and breakfast, simple and delicious, and the accommodation is simple but clean. In the evening, the villagers will gather in the village square, burning a bonfire, playing a heroic music, dancing happily, we can not help but follow the dance, enjoy and beautiful. The bonfire extinguished, the crowd scattered, the night of the village into peace. Stars shine in the night sky, night dew in the branches and leaves condensation, the wind of the mountain township caress, accompanied us to sleep, rest, peace and quiet!
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瓦度岛英布The price/performance ratio is still very good! 119 yuan, 2 big and 1 small, just play, there are still a lot of entertainment facilities inside, the scenery is also good, and they are relatively safe, is a kindergarten children of lower grades. The only drawback is that there are too many mosquitoes, I can’t stand it. Don’t wear skirts, shorts come in, I was bitten badly!
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Ancient Settlement
ina87121A sudden delta disrupted our itinerary. Half a month ago, we discussed with our neighbors to take our children Guizhou for 9 days, and on the 27th night, we put our luggage in the trunk. We were afraid of being locked out outside the province. We decided to go to Pingle for two hours and let the children step on the water. In the past, to Pingle, to go to the water on horse watching, this time we decided to swim in depth, otherwise the child's heart drop too much, so found a hotel called Guzhao Lijiang stayed for four nights. Today is the first day, the biggest wish of this trip is to see fireflies, to Pingle ate milk soup noodles, small zhang go to Lugou bamboo sea stepping point. Lugou bamboo sea does not have reed, the day also can not see fireflies, to be at night at eight or nine o'clock dark to see, so in the afternoon in the creek to catch crabs, the water is very clear, but also cooler. You may be disappointed with the scenery. It is still good to grab crabs. It is just for a female driver and experience a one-way meeting car. It still makes me feel very fulfilling. [It is recommended to drive by myself, not pack three wheels, 70 yuan. If you drive by yourself, it is recommended to use an economical step car. Don't ask me why I am going very hard on 😭.] This step on a step is an afternoon, come back in the boss's suggestion to eat Xu Ji Tai Po restaurant, good guys, bean flower and blood Wang 5 yuan, large 8 yuan, two adults with three children ate 183, supporting silly. Finally found that eight dollars of bean flower and blood is more popular than other vegetables, especially blood, feel garlic, very tasteful. [Suggestions: Order home-made dishes, don't order big dishes, the difference between the big dishes and the city is too big, the home-made dishes are too big, I estimate that if we didn't order the rice jelly with that chicken rib burns the fish, we five people can eat 100 oceans to be silly] At night, the old street is quiet, the lights are dim, we want to go around. At night, the sand is a good choice, the new Chinese architecture, very strong, bright lights, and the old street contrast. After going to the flat sand, go back to wash the children, I and the neighbors decided that the children sleep to find a place to drink two. I prefer Lindeman's cherry taste, can't buy, 1664 to 30 ocean bottle, the priest is also 30, don't worry about children, so buy back in the second floor inn on the terrace secretly drinking (the boss does not allow drinking on the second floor barbecue). The terrace is particularly cool, but also less than the mosquitoes, especially suitable for drinking chat. On the first day, the curtain was drawn in the sound of the river, and after a few days, the content was generally settled. In the morning, the inn does not provide breakfast, sleep until you wake up naturally, go to any milk soup for breakfast, the taste will not be bad, and then the inn back to fight a water fight. When the afternoon sunset, sit by the river to see the sunset, then go to a full meal, drive to Lugou bamboo sea at night to see fireflies, almost. [Knock on the blackboard, draw the key] These days because of the epidemic, the scenic area has no people, can see the original flavor of the ancient town, the commercial smell is not so strong. Otherwise, people are crowded, the river is under the dumplings. It is recommended to stay at Gulin Inn, the price is not too expensive, when the price is 200, when it is not 400, we stayed for four days, all down 283
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M44***93Really shocked, as a liberal arts student, really dare not look carefully at the anti-Japanese war history records, casually see the text of a cultural relics to introduce me tears, that is not just a story, it is a ancestor with blood and flesh piled up history, don't forget the shame of the country, Revitalizing China!