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Things To Do in Qufu

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Memorial Temple
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Famous Residences
E37***61Seeing Confucius' tomb in person gives you this surreal feeling if you are that person who reads his works and uses his qoutes in your captions .
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
chenweiwenQufu, the hometown of Confucius, the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor, the hometown of Shennong, the hometown of Shang and Yin, the capital of Zhou Han Lu, is the birthplace of the Oriental culture, is known as the "Oriental Holy City", also known as "East Jerusalem." Confucius opened the altar in Qufu before his life and founded Confucianism culture, which has been deeply imprinted on Confucianism for more than 2000 years. Confucius culture, represented by Confucius, has shaped the whole Chinese ideological, political and social system according to its ideals and become the cornerstone of the whole Chinese culture. In 1994, Confucius Temple, Confucius Forest and Confucius House were listed in the World Heritage List by the United Nations.
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Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
E35***87Kong Family Mansion is a very beautiful chinese architecture with exquisite decoration and many historical relics. The layout is like mini Forbidden city in Beijing. There is a Chinese garden at the back where we can take a rest in a peaceful environment. Highly recommended!
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chenweiwenConfucius's tomb (B.C. 551, B.C. 479), the name of the hill, the name of the name of the middle, the great ancient Chinese thinker, educator, the founder of Confucianism, one of the world's ten great cultural famous people, Confucius was revered by people, was known as "sage", and buried here after death, The Confucian clans respect "the ancestor". In the dusty day, walk into the three holes, understand the Confucius, perceive Confucius' Confucianism thought, feel the atmosphere of Confucius Temple, Confucius House and Confucius Forest, it is really a baptism for us.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
LY3V1The Six Arts City of Confucius is indeed the same as the legend on the Internet, with very few tourists visiting facilities in dilapidated conditions. Fortunately, we are tourists with the Splendid Jiangshan Travel Card. The tickets are free, or you will regret it for a lifetime! I advise you not to come and advise you not to come and advise you not to talk about important things three times.
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小淘桃Two days and one night in Nishan is very enjoyable ~~ Except for the hotel's slightly inconvenient connection to the scenic spot, everything is very good. The transportation of the scenic spot is very convenient, it is very convenient to the visitor center and Nishan Confucius Temple. If there is no team, there are not many people going to Nishan Confucius Temple. It is a hidden attraction, but there is a Confucius Cave, it is worth a visit! In addition to the university hall, other places the battery car watches the full, the university hall starts to visit around 3:30 pm, you can punch almost all the performances, including "Golden sound jade vibration." Fireworks show second is better, afraid of the first one can watch at night.