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Things To Do in Renhua

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Geological Sites
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
National Park
D25***54Sunrise is the most amazing sight at the top of Mount Danxia.Along the climb, there are breathe catching views of the mountain, naturally stunning.
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Boat Tour
齐哗哗啊In the Jinjiang River Cruise Base in the Danxia Mountain Scenic Area in Guangdong --- "Water Danxia"! This is an important tourist attraction of Danxia Mountain in Guangdong. There are mantras such as "a river runs through Danxia", "climbing a mountain does not swim in the river, but in vain to Danxia Mountain", which are widely spread among the people.
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涵香幽灵Jiulongjiang is a national 5A-level forest park. If you are interested in plants, it is recommended to go to play. The special places here are glass bridges, glass paths, and springs. The glass bridge here is not particularly dangerous, you need not be afraid. We came here in June when we graduated from high school, there are very few tourists, the air here is really fresh. Also here is the place where the Yi minority gathers, it is recommended to come here to experience the local ethnic costumes.
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M60***81Summer place | Shaoguan Yunmen Mountain の Experience High Altitude Project 🧗‍♀️ - The weather is getting hotter and hotter. I just want to find a place to avoid the summer, but I don't want to go to too popular tourist attractions. I come to Shaoguan Yunmen Mountain with friends. The mountains and waters are beautiful, the air is fresh and comfortable. The point is to experience the ten big high-altitude punching projects, really don't be too exciting 🙈🍃✅ Glass Bridge, this is really exciting, the total length of 316 meters, it is said to be the first transparent high-altitude glass bridge in Guangdong Province, visitors here want to experience, the timid may be weak legs, Anyway, I was scared to death, or I was going forward 🙈🍃✅ Optima Falls Falls actually has a full 50-story height, seriously, this is the first time I saw such a large waterfall, there is a special effect, like a fantasy, really beautiful! 🍃✅Xiangyun ladder walks on a long staircase, it seems that the end is not visible, full of expectations, and a little panic, each one can see the beauty of Yunmen Mountain. When you just go to the end, you will close the view to the bottom of the eye. This place must come to punch the card 👍🍃✅ One-way cableway process is very stable, Don't be afraid, you can enjoy the various beauty of Yunmeng Mountain and absorb the fresh air above. -In addition to these, there are viewing elevators 🛗 Ocean Park ⛲️ Ocean Park with various sea creatures, mermaid performances, etc. Really eye opening 👀 is simply earned, summer with family and friends is really suitable for 😘
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Hot Springs Resort
黄应超瑶Longnv Hot Spring is located in the border between Jiangxi and Hunan provinces of Guangdong. The whole county is hot spring. Only Fuquan Villa is the largest, the environmental price service is great, the food is very good, the fruit drink
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Ornamental Hot spring
109***00Today just arrived, the weather is not good, soaking in the hot springs is just right! The town is very far, and it will take an hour to drive at the high speed, but the scenery is good. It is walking in a green mountain forest. The hot springs are good, there are many choices, the service is average.