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Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan
4.6/54643 Reviews

Howard Johnson Pearl Plaza Wuhan

Jianghan Road/Hanzheng Road Wuhan|2.12km from Hankou Riverbank

Latest booking 7 hrs ago

It's great to come here. The hotel faces west and is located on the Yanjiang Avenue in Hankou. Across the road from the hotel entrance is the river beach. There are ferries that can take you to the two rivers at night. Not far from the hotel to the west is Jianghan Pass, where there are museums, supermarkets, and the famous Bagong's house. The interior of the hotel is very clean, and there is gurgling water in the lobby. The room layout is reasonable, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can comfortably cuddle up on the sofa and watch the sunset, the traffic and the rolling river. And the round ball design on the top of the hotel is a highlight. No matter how far I wander at night, I can find the flashing ball just by looking at it. The hotel has complete facilities, including bars, coffee shops, and tea rooms. There is a revolving restaurant on the 41st floor on the top, where you can have a leisurely dinner and watch the changing scenery of the river and the passing clouds outside the window. The little girls and handsome guys at the front desk provide good service and look good when they smile. The receptionist at the door was also meticulous in his work on a hot day and answered all questions. The sisters who do the cleaning on the floor are very conscientious and responsible. When we return to the hotel after playing every day, the room is neat and clean.

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4/531 Reviews
Xibei Road/Central Business District
It was written that it was opened in 23 years. This is also the reason for this room. In fact, the air conditioner is very shabby and the heating is very poor. Plus the quilt is a spring and autumn quilt. It is cold in winter and can't live. And many fine folds of the bedding must not be replaced. The experience is extremely poor. The only advantage is that the sink and floor are well decorated and the picture is the same.
Wuhan Tiandi Loft self-catering apartment
4.6/5156 Reviews
Xibei Road/Central Business District
The boss is very kind and the service is very good. The room is nice and fresh. The decoration is also very simple and natural, the bed is very comfortable! There is also a projection, suitable for two people to watch the world, but I don't have time to try the projection, and I will come back later.
Yunshuizhan Homestay (Wuhan Huangpu Road Subway Station)
4.7/516 Reviews
Xibei Road/Central Business District
Shiguang Bi'an Homestay
4.7/524 Reviews
Xibei Road/Central Business District
The house can see some river views. I just saw the night view of the Yangtze River No. 2 Bridge. The house space is a bit small, but it is enough to live. I go to play during the day and come back late at night. It is also convenient to order takeaway, but I have to go to the cabinet downstairs to pick it up.
4.6/54 Reviews
Xibei Road/Central Business District
Very affordable hotel location is very good around Wuhan World Business District, but the room is in the old community facilities are relatively old, after entering the gap with the picture of Trip.com, but at this price is still very satisfied.
Wuhan Yujiujuju
3.6/533 Reviews
Xibei Road/Central Business District
Very good stay experience, the room facilities are complete, the environment is good, the travel is convenient, the subway station is downstairs, the surrounding environment is also good, ten minutes walk to the river beach, the landlord communicates smoothly, the people are very good, the service is good, and you have to continue to live! ^

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