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Things To Do in Congjiang

Jiabang Terrace
231 Reviews
Terraced Field
M40***93The three famous terraced fields in China are Yuanyang terraces in Yunnan, Longji terraces in Guangxi and Jiabang terraces in Guizhou. The first two are famous and the publicity is so strong that I, a Guizhou native, went to them first. Until the long holiday of this year, because of the epidemic, I only visited the provinces around the province. I also read the guides written by some tourists before. There are also some things that are not objective, so I want to say a few words. First of all, the traffic in Guizhou is obvious to all. 87 counties have all highways and the roads are very easy to walk. Speaking of going to Jiabang terraces, just after getting off the highway There is still 78 kilometers to Jiabang. The section along the Liujiang River in the capital is a national highway and the scenery is very good. The section after turning into County Road 882 is basically Panshan Road and the road conditions are also very good, but the road is narrowed. , For out-of-town drivers, you may have to be careful, because the curve is a bit steep and the slope is relatively large. It takes about 2 hours from the Xia Expressway to Jiabang Township, but the scenery along the way is also very good. After entering the scenic spot, you can drive to Jiache Village and watch the scenery, and you can stop and check in at any time. The entire Jiabang terraced scenic area personally thinks that the original ecological environment and atmosphere are still maintained. The villagers’ style is still simple and there is not too much commercial atmosphere. The most important thing is that there is no charge. These are compared with Yuanyang and Longji terraces. Advantages again. If the terraced fields are not inferior to them in terms of the landscape and state of view, anyone who has been here will not regret it anyway. Let’s talk about accommodation. Personally, I think it’s very convenient. I was worried about the tight accommodation during the long vacation and wanted to book online. But when I arrived, I found that there are many homestays in the three villages along the scenic highway, but they have good views during the holidays. The price is a little higher than usual. The best view room is more than 400 points, the conditions are good, and the sanitation is also good. Of course, it must be worse than the regular star. Because of the geographical advantage, the price of the homestay is higher than the other. The main points of the two villages. You can basically eat and live in their homes. Most of them are homestays that integrate meals and lodging. They are highly recommended; eating local chickens are all original ecologically stocked. Basically, there are few that can carry three catties. The taste is very delicious, 50 to 68 pounds, the price can be discussed, and there is the rice flower fish that is unique to the local ethnic minorities. It grows in the rice fields and grows with the rice. The taste is also very delicious. Although the Congjiang Xiaoxiang Pig is also very famous , But it is not recommended, because it is too expensive, a serving is less than half a catty, fifty yuan a serving, if you want to eat four or five people, I am afraid it will cost a few hundred dollars, and it is because here and Sanjiang, Guangxi Bordering on the border, their taste is different from the traditional Guizhou taste. It may be a pity that you want to eat spicy taste. Finally, if you want to feel the simple and natural folk scenery, you must not just stand at the viewpoint on the highway. You have to walk into the village and you will find a different scenery.
Nearby City
Basha Miao Nationality Village
521 Reviews
扎心了忧伤的沙皮狗 The sand is much smaller, but also of a certain size, and the 200-meter-long silt-showhouse has a view of the whole village, but it is often closed. The Yingbin show is the commercial center of the village, where restaurants and shops are concentrated, and going down the mountain to the village, you can see a lot of original content, which is the most commercial Miao Village has been missing. Along the road to Lusongping, there are local buildings with hangers and trusses, and if you come in the autumn harvest season, you can see a very magnificent sight. The performance of Lu Xiangping will be checked again the staff of the performance is rich in content, the most characteristic of course is the final Zhai people collective shooting link, which is the only legitimate performance in the domestic civil society.
Nearby City
Zhaoxing Village
2,690 Reviews
M45***10The scenery of Yaozhai is really beautiful! I like the greening here, the trees are many, the environment is beautiful and the air is fresh. The main street is clean and the house is arranged in a regular way. Guiyang takes the train to the station from the river, for an hour and a half. There is a bus from the exit of the river station to Yaozhai. Get on the bus and buy a ticket for 10 yuan. After the car arrived at the Yaozhai ticket office, the driver told us to go down and buy tickets first. After buying tickets on the bus, there will be a check-in for the tickets. Then the driver continued to drive, and after 10 minutes, he officially entered the Zhaoxing Yaozhai. Then he could find his own place. The whole Yaozhai is about 3 hours, taking pictures, and slowly feeling the different ethnic atmosphere here. The locals are very simple, very good, and retain the original ethnic atmosphere. The prices are also moderate. Have eaten several stores, did not step on thunder, and all eat well. Have been to the country's big and small ancient town, here is really very good, especially not serious commercialization. I came here as if I saw Tao Yuanming's writing of the world, the residents of the village here live and work, the old children play on the street, very warm feeling. In addition, there is a shuttle bus to the Tang'an terraces in the village, which takes half an hour. There are signs in the town, and you can see them when you stroll. There are shuttle buses to Liping County, Shabadu Village. The traffic is very convenient, and you may need to master the time point in advance.
Xiaohuang Dong village
54 Reviews
M41***60Xiaohuang Drum Tower, all the way to the light, original ecological landscape, charming Yao family characteristics, intoxicating Yao national song, worth seeing. Road has been repaired, the layout of the scenic spot investment in place, now should increase investment, invigorate the assets, consolidate the poverty-reduction results, revitalize the countryside.
Congjiang Drum Tower
32 Reviews
Historical Architecture
吴立珍Congjiang Gulou has a total of 27 floors and adopts a multi-column structure. The entire building is constructed of local fir. The supporting drum tower is supported by 32 pillars, among which there are four large pillars and each bust is two adults. Hug more.
Zengchong Drum Tower
26 Reviews
Historical Site
M29***62Zengchong Drum Tower is located in Zengchong Drum Tower, 82 kilometers northwest of Congjiang County, Qiandongnan Prefecture. It was built in 1672 (the 11th year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty) and covers an area of 160 square meters. It is the oldest and largest in Guizhou Province. , The best-preserved Dong Drum Tower.

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Xiaohuang Dong village
Xiaohuang Dong villageQiandongnan,China

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Zengchong Drum Tower
Zengchong Drum TowerQiandongnan,China

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Jiabang Terrace
Jiabang TerraceQiandongnan,China

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Congjiang Drum Tower
Congjiang Drum TowerQiandongnan,China

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Congjiang Travel Tips

About Congjiang

Congjiang County is located in the southeast of Guizhou Province and shares a border with the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Congjiang County is home to the tall-housed rural township of Xiaohuang Village, which has been named a “Chinese folk culture and art village” by the Ministry of Culture. Visitors will also find Zhanli Village which has been called a “land of peach blossoms.” Another attraction is Zengzhuang Drum Tower in Wangdong Township, a village which has been listed among the third group of major historical and cultural sites protected at the national level.

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Congjiang Weather

Apr 11, 2021
14 ~ 16
Apr 12, 2021
Light rain
14 / 18
Apr 13, 2021
Light rain
15 / 18
Apr 14, 2021
Light rain
15 / 18
Apr 15, 2021
16 / 20
Apr 16, 2021
13 / 20
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Congjiang
Apr 11, 2021 Congjiang Weather:Overcast, Northerly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:98%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:26/19:05
Congjiang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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