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Things To Do in Fenghuang

8,007 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
D34***16Beautiful town, nice place to wander and relax. You only need a day or two
1,249 Reviews
MaxSThis wonderful and amazing place could not be compared to any other place. This is the world from good fairy tale! Water in the river is cristal clean.The magic view let us stand still for... actually, time disappeared. no matter where to stand, every position opens the magic view.
562 Reviews
伊來Shen Congwen with "Border City", a one-off to establish the name of godfather Phoenix. This work was so influential that the Nobel Prize for literature nominated Mr. Shen, for special reasons, the final awards fell away, regret. In the Phoenix performance "Border City", really can not be seen, who would not want to see the CuiCui? The performance venue in a small hill, the development party is also a step down, directly set the mountain and forest for the stage background, both natural and shocking. Dance beauty, special effects and acting are good, the first half of the plot slowly unfolded, smoothing, the story is good, the latter half is like rushing time, a glance at the end, a bit of a tiger. The biggest failure is the paddling when the selling of the painting link, too low...
510 Reviews
Famous Residences
MaxSWarm house of famous writer and contributor to Chinese literature . For me it was pretty interesting to take a look at glance how did people of previous epoch live here. I had a feeling of transferring into that time. There were not many people, The house is clean. This family was really rich for that time!
414 Reviews
憨憨豆0708I am bored in the ancient city of Phoenix, just come here to see. The whole scenic spot is more standardized, and the experience of visiting and visiting is very good. It takes 2 hours to play the entire cave. It needs to be led by a scenic guide and about 25 minutes. The whole journey is still required for physical strength. The entire cave has three floors and there are free photo spots in the cave. Small photos are given. Big photos are purchased on demand, 20 copies. The tour guide is gentle and responsible, a Miao girl. The white stalactites in the cave are very beautiful, but the amount is very small.
76 Reviews
_M1***82Very good value, tickets are not expensive, there are locals down the mountain, give 30 yuan to park in his parking lot, then he can take you into the mountain, always accompany you into the Miaozhai, the scenery in the valley is particularly good, especially the waterfall is interesting and fun, cost-effective, overall superb, the scenery is good,