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Things To Do in Lechang

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睡恣@M丶The ancient Buddha rocks are located at the junction of Chaoguan and Lechang, which are large limestone caves, with clusters of stones and stalactite forests, with three layers of overlap. Because of their unique shape, they are like the Xian Buddha and are ready to emerge. The area of the scenic area is small, and there are some entertainment places at the foot of the mountain. It is similar to the urban park, and there is a glass path on the mountainside, and the top of the mountain is the location of the big Buddha.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
National Park
D25***54Sunrise is the most amazing sight at the top of Mount Danxia.Along the climb, there are breathe catching views of the mountain, naturally stunning.
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张发旺11Very good, very beautiful, that is, the local government did not pay attention to it, the scenic spot was also carefully managed, the door was dilapidated, I thought it would be very trash, but the inside is really very good, the local government with the tourism foundation did not care, the local government without the attractions worked hard to create the attractions, fooling people to travel, Jinjiling has a foundation, that is, no one is managing, no one is paying attention, overall, it is well worth going, very good, tickets for adults 40, half tickets for the elderly and children.
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睡恣@M丶A 5A-level comprehensive tourist attraction with the theme of "Yunmen Zen Culture" and "Road Mountain Folk Customs Culture". Came to Yunmen Mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, various suitable for all ages play parks, thrilling high-altitude challenge projects, suitable for different people here for vacation.
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莺语花儿Into Lechang Jiufeng Mountain, see peach blossom, plum blossom, pick red Libai plus goose yellow rape, a group of spring. Warm spring. A feeling of everything spring.
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陌染MMTo Tongguan travel, came to Lechang City, Jiufeng Town in Lechang northeast, and Hunan Province, heard that there are now flowers, flowers blooming, is the best viewing period, may this year the weather froze early, then hot fast, so the flowers can not wait to open up. The hilltop is full of flowers, there are white plum flowers, red peach flowers, yellow and green canola, there are purple flowers, like firecrackers. Some good places to enjoy flowers, when you stop the car, there are local residents request parking fees, 10 yuan a car.