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Boat Tour
ErinLTaking a cruise on the Li river is a lovely experience! I took the 3 star boat which was a little noisy but the views were still stunning. Tickets are 245 yuan each and a set lunch is included.
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roiberadorForest Waterfalls. It is a nice place for family to visit. Lots of fun activities for kids. It is almost the same as other waterfalls or mountain scenic areas in other parts of China. I was expecting a good view of the river or the mountains on top, but there was no viewing platform from the top. Most mountains have viewing platforms but this one does not have any. I saw in the pictures a good view of the river and the mountains from the top that's why i went there. So i was a little bit disappointed. only a little. Still a good place to go when you are in Guilin.
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Ancient Settlement
roiberadorIf you are a bit of a history geek, or loves to know the past of a place, or just want to see how old the place is then add this to the places that you need to see when you visit Guilin... There is also a motorized bamboo rafting in this place... as usual lots of stores in the area...
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Boat Tour
_M1***92The VIP ticket I bought was still worth it. It was really a penny and a penny, the seats were comfortable, at the bow of the boat, there were tea bags, cookies, and sliced hawthorn. In addition to the free buffet, you can order it single, the taste is very good, the stone rock fish is especially recommended. There is a cold beer on the boat and the experience is very good.
126 Reviews
320***62Xiaoyao Lake scenic spot in Guilin is still good, mainly close to nature, as if it went into the deep tropical rain forest, the sun is shining, the leaves are tender green, the grass is in full bloom, and the birds are fragrant 🌸. Negative oxygen ion is more than 10,000 per square meter! Entering the natural oxygen bar, breathe freely, and play happily! [view] [price/performance ratio]
92 Reviews
悍生无解If the Li River is a "green belt", then the Taohua River is a colorful river. As the sister river of the Lijiang Peach Blossom River, its beauty is not inferior to that of the Lijiang River! Both sides of the strait are pink and willow green, and fall in colorful colors. She originated from Lingchuan Simo Mountain. It was called Yangjiang in ancient times. It is known as "Nine Music and Eighteen Bays". The river is bounded by Feiluan Bridge, the upstream is called Taohua River, and the downstream is called Yangjiang, "Yangjiang" "Autumn Moon" is one of the old eight scenic spots in Guilin, known as the "Qinhuai River" in Guilin. When you hear this name, it is not difficult to imagine how prosperous it was back then. "Put the water in Zunyang and lead the river to the stone beams. The air is rushing with light rain and white, and the shadows enter the mountains. The wild goose moves the string quickly, and the dragon idle flute lies on the bed. He also sings the color rhombus, and returns to the pond under the moonrise." Ming Dynasty poet Yu Anqi's "Rafting the Yangjiang River" shows people a colorful landscape painting on the Taohua River. Nowadays, the waterway from Taohua River to Fanglian Pond has been opened, with stacked stones, artificial waterfalls, springs, small bridges, plank roads, walking paths, reliefs, and lighting, which is more graceful and beautiful, recreating the past. That beautiful Peach Blossom River.

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"Lijiang Wonders" CruiseGuilin,China

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Jiangtouzhou Ancient DwellingsGuilin,China

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Dawei Ancient TownGuilin,China

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Jiangtou Ancient VillageGuilin,China

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Peach Blossom RiverGuilin,China

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About Lingchuan

Lingchuan is a county in the northeast of Guangxi, close to the city of Guilin. The north and east of the county has a mountainous landscape, whereas the central areas mainly consist of flat plains. It has been an important transportation hub for centuries and is home to a number of ancient towns and villages including Jiangtouzhou, which has many examples of well-preserved Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty architecture. There are also several scenic attractions including Gudong Scenic Area and Dayeshenjing.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Lingchuan
17 Oct, 2021 Lingchuan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 74%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:38/18:10
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