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Things To Do in Liping

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D34***16Peaceful town with unique architecture. Visiting the terraces is a must, walk up to really experience it, but if its too hot you can take the bus for 20¥ round trip
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fredayuan1963Very very worth, through Zhaoxing Yaozhai, down to the terraces, find the repaired panshan walk to, take about 3 hours, through Xia Ge Yaozhai, to Tang'an Yaozhai. Those who plant the rice straw in the terraces along the way...
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吴立珍The floor wind and rain bridge is all made of fir mortise and tenon. It is built using the principle of lever mechanics without nails and rivets. It is a wonderful flower of the Dong architectural art and the crystallization of the wisdom of the Dong people. The bridge was built in the Qing Dynasty. It has been damaged and repaired several times.
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Ancient Settlement
E58***23Really beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy scenary, nature and local life ( if you don't go there during national holidays). Beautiful traditional wood architecture.
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精光葫芦娃"Nanquan Mountain is a mountain in Naiyi Province, " this is the ancients to the mountain position evaluation. Nanquan Mountain is located in the south of Liping County, Guizhou Province 1.5 km, the top of the mountain 853 meters above sea level. Area 43. 4 hectares, is the border of the Gui, Gui and Gui Buddhist sites, since ancient times, incense and fire, visitors. Liping Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery is also located in this mountain, the ancient trees, tree species for Guizhou Province key cultural relics protection units.
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Ancient Settlement
klandyIt's very nice. It's beautiful, especially the night view and the sun just came out in the morning.